Thursday , May 26 2022

The GTS wants to save up to 60 million dollars and remove up to 200 jobs – Switzerland


The TAC comes with an economic hammer: the railway company wants to cut to 2023 jobs. It saves 50 to 60 million francs a year. It was announced by a press release. It remains unclear which areas are affected by job cuts, the report said. At the moment, it is unclear how jobs will decrease – that is, whether workers will be redundant, or jobs will be reduced by fluctuations.

The exact design should be available by February 2019, the report says. The GSP's goal is to make the first savings in 2019, the BLS representative says on demand.

"We are aware that this information is causing employee insecurity, and we will do our utmost to provide further details by February," notes Bernard Guillelmon, head of BLS. The company contacts trade unions to develop a social plan.

More than 6 percent of the work force is potentially affected

Savings of between 50 and 60 million francs would be needed as the cost and effectiveness of federal governments and cantons increase, the GSP report states. In total, the GSC employs over 3,000 people. The reported incidence is now high.

In the middle of this year, the BLS had taken a step when it received only two long distance services. But the company wanted five. The decision of the Federal Bureau of Transportation to leave the largest distance away from connections to the SBB is not the reason why the savings are made. A savings program would be achieved even if the GSP had received all the long-distance lines that were originally targeting them, says BLS representative on request. The GSP would have had more room for maneuver that would have returned as a benefit to the system from customers, says a representative.

The planned disassembly is still unclear. However, it can be assumed that the cut does not affect the locomotive crew. But the administration. Personnel Association Transfair also believes. "The digitalisation and automation of business processes can affect mainly administrative staff," the association writes. It's possible that the workshop staff is reducing it. As from the year 2025, the BLS will only work in three places, not four workshops, as today. Thus, there is a potential to save.

Press Releases The BLS also pays attention to "future cooperation". What does it mean, but you can not tell at the moment, says the spokesman. However, it is possible that the BLS wishes to partner with partners in certain business areas. Similar to what SBB Cargo is trying to do in the field of freight transport. There, they are currently looking for companies that are interested in minority stocks. It's possible that Sparhammer will also affect the BLS subsidiary of BLS Cargo. "Also analyzes the relationship between the GSP service and its subsidiaries," says a representative.

The railway union SEV condemns the rigorous package, she writes in a statement. As a result of this austerity program, we will not accept any redundancies, "says Barbara Spalinger, vice president of SEV.

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