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The Christmas Knack is back


Work at christmas Because Lidl reacts. Image: KEYSTONE

The Christmas Knack is back – now makes Lidl social

The celebration of love has shrunk to retailers until the last minute. The German retailer Lidl now uses the annual state of emergency for a coup d'etat: "Employees should be able to spend their Christmas Eve with their families."

Niklaus Vontobel – CH Media

Their so lucky time is increasingly involved in disputes between trade unions and employers. When Christmas fell on Sunday last year, the Swiss union Unia demanded a general ban on sales. To keep employees happy. In Germany, trade unions repeatedly exerted pressure on the US giant Amazon before the Christmas period with a purposeful refusal to work.

The German retailer Lidl now uses this negative impulse in a PR jiu-jits form: Although Monday, December 24th is considered a normal working day, Lidl does not sell it at early evening hours, according to Lidl's statement. "All Lidl branches in Switzerland close the door at 16:00 on Christmas day, so employees can spend their Christmas together with their families."

The German hard discounter does not know the message with the self-assurance of the spirit of "Be good and talk about it": "The deck attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its employees." Particularly in celebrating love, time with the family is especially important. So they decided to close the branch door this Christmas to earlier and let the staff go home earlier. The billionth heavy company bill could have been: a little less sales, but as an employer to improve something.

Migration time depends on the cooperative and the region. Some stores are open on Christmas Eve until 17:00. Together, the specific launch times seem to have not been published yet.

The same procedure …

The issue of opening times for Christmas is becoming an annual classic. In 2017, two German discounts, Lidl and Aldi, declined in Switzerland during the solemn sale. Trade unions saw the pain threshold in 2014. Advent Extended Work Hours do not get more sales, but just worsen working conditions.

2015 was fought for Berchtoldstag before the festival of love. The social partners on both sides were not at all a Christian: trade unions did not want to accept that they did not want to treat their employees for a long weekend, especially since many demands had already been demanded. In the East of Switzerland, for example, in Kreuzlingen, employers pointed to a dramatic situation as shopping tourism enters the industry. As it should not even restrict freedom of establishment. (

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