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"The Bachelor" 2019: "So sorry, shit!" – Ernestine and Christina are out

Updated January 31, 2019, at 08:48

Oh, who was once again emotional with our bachelor's degree! First, there is an early departure, then an early location, and then the five episodes of the ladies also smell a certain imbalance in the conception of the show. The lady is particularly upset.

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With the many emotions of our luggage over the past few weeks, our bachelor Andrei Mangold goes on to five episodes: "Anger, sadness, feelings of happiness – everything was really there."

Funny that he has said nothing about boredom, our bachelor. It was about ladies in the villa, such as the ongoing theme. How was it first our bachelor?

Unlike ladies, he lives in his villa. But maybe he brought him a dough. Do his tax issues. There is always something to do.

But despite his puzzles, the bachelor has still found time for some thoughts. Since the time has come to escape from him, our Andrei Mangold has decided to "talk if this is right for all of us."

Of course, he should not ask, our bachelor. The answer is known since the first season. But what the bachelor thinks is that a manufacturing company would like to get a duel. Who can't say that?

That's why the bachelor asks Cecilia and Natalia to come to his villa, hoping for two discoveries about their level of love. The higher the number, the faster a woman can stay. In other words, you have to go.

Cecilia is behind it

The villa, ladies also thought about this duel and about the other. First of all, Eva and Cecilia were pleased with this lively exchange of ideas: "I don't like you anyway," Cecilia Eva is transparent. "It's nice," Eva is completely open to this statement.

So Eva, as a bit later, will take our Bachelor Mangold in a double battle against Cecilia's pronouncements. He still thinks she is still in the "phase of finding her life" while Nathalia talks about their marriage.

So RTL pulls the screws slightly. After all, decisions have to be made. That's why Christine is allowed to visit one of our Bachelor's degrees.

"What does a normal person have on the beach?", Christina is happy. Hm, who do you want to say? So, good, little advice: especially coastal people often have no difficulty finding the sea.

But suppose it will be a pleasure, it may be faster than you think. In any case, the bachelor does not feel "cracked". We thought our bachelor's degree should be received again at the end of the five-year episode.

It is better for the other participant. Steffi must show a bachelor's degree in another Mexican corner, including accommodation.

While Steffi is satisfied with it, there are other big cheeks: "It was like a slap in the face," says Eva and with Jenny's imagination goes, "Can you even imagine what's going on."

What does Andrei and Steffi do?

What's going on is: both of them go by boat, watch the stamps, each other. Steffi is obviously satisfied with the situation.

Unlike Ernestine, who at the same time has found a gap in the dream world matrix at home: "It's completely weird, we're like girlfriends, but we all share the same person, it's completely weird."

Steffi also points out that the relationship between the show and reality is unbalanced when she talks to the bachelor, that she has not yet found her dream person in the real world: "It cannot be that the first thing to do is to go for a reasonable discussion.

Now you do not know what would be sad: Steffi, the "Bachelor's Degree" discussion is a reasonable estimate or she may be right.

Whistles for conversations, thinks our bachelor and smacks the first round with Steffi. However, the ratings are somewhat heterogeneous: "He is a very good kiss, it also harmonizes with tongues," says Steffi. "The kiss was not 100% harmonious from the first second," says our bachelor. However, Steffi is still a night party with Andrei.

Meanwhile, what happened in this party could have worked for those who stayed at home: "I'm afraid I won't be able to put her on me," explains Jenny about a bachelor's thesis and approval.

Vanessa, on the other hand, prefers to close her eyes on the inevitable: "I don't want to know it in detail, I mean." Yes, carelessness is just a lack of information.

Christina doesn't like five episodes

According to Vanessa's solution, it is a bit later with a Bachelor's dinner. When cuddling on the couch, she doesn't want to kiss her, but some disorder gets on her way.

Our bachelor thinks it is good that Vanessa has not yet unpacked her tongue and is pleased with the cuddling: "It could really happen forever." Vanessa has risen as a reward.

Speaking of "going": after Jennie and Vanessa finally managed to talk about the advertising partner's shawls on the rose night, our bachelor again comes with many roses in front of the ladies.

When Steffi gets the last rose, it's official: Ernestine and Kristina have to go, who, especially with Christine, suddenly remembers the concept of the show.

Obviously, she would not only have taken a different decision, but also waited: "I'm sorry I have made you mistaken," Christina shrugged. But he just didn't answer the "crackle" – we talked about it.

On the other hand, Christina has not yet found out that it was too late: "Is it sick how can you be so deceived by a person?" She explains to the operator about the way to the limousine and concludes the evening with a little poetry: "Well Sorry shit! "

Less And Less: Bachelor Andrey Mangold is looking for great love for television. He started with 20 beauty, again, two more joins. Now there is only 11. What is what else? You'll find in the picture gallery.

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