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Tears "Adam Searches for Eva": Gina-Lisa really stands out?


Bad joke or bitter reality? Since the last Saturday, famous and renowned celebrity, the desire to leave is no longer a lonely future, and try to find love for a luxury yacht with the Adamu luxury yacht. Between reality star Gina-Lisa Lohfink (32) and Martin is already properly broken up. But does his sparkling advance end before it can become serious? Men need to send the lady home and actually decide on Gin!

The choice is a 32-year-old opponent of Mahta as RTL discovered on video Adams can be easily made – despite the flirt between Martin and the blonde: "Gina, you like, you get a lot of mood, we love you, but from time to time you're hyperactive", Antonio and Martin justify expulsion. VIP Eva is shocked, can not hold tears and say goodbye to everyone until the testosterone duo solves the situation.

"I honestly did not want to wait for Gin's reaction, I really had to regret it, but I thought that the joke had to be embedded," Martin explains. Former GNTM girl falls from heart and forgives her date partner. Mahta is sent home rather than enough. The 38-year-old believes that gentlemen are not bad: "I noticed that I no longer have an interest in me."

All episodes of "Adam sucht Eva" will only be available on TVNOW on November 4, 2013.

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"Adams is looking for Eva" -Normalo Martin and Gina-Lisa Lohfink
Antonin and Mahta at MG RTL D

Antonin and Mahta at "Adam looking for Eve"
Mahta, a participant MG RTL D

Mahta, participant in "Adam's quest"

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