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Swiss Film Prize 2019 – "Cloudburst" Outperforms "Zwingli" – Culture


The nominations for the Swiss Film Awards are well-known: Audience's favorite "Wolkenbruch" is a high-flying five-nominee.

As every year, the nomination night at Soloturn in a country house had a mood and long face. And, of course, one or two shamefully looks over the counter. Did he vote there for my movie? Do I have enough friends? Or am I so good?

They will never know. Which of the 440 members with voting rights voted in which category remains a secret. It's just as secret whether everyone who voted has watched all the movies.

Good "cloudburst" options

Of course, it also helps colleagues if the movie was already in the cinema and probably successful. This certainly applies to Michael Steiner Cloudburst, who can book five nominations.

The crowd's joy for a young Jew who falls in love with a "Jewish" non-Jew is nominated for the best film. Leading actor Joel Basman competes for the best actor, his teammates Sunnyi Melles (wife Silberzweig) and Noémie Schmidt (Laura, Schickse) even competing for the best support role. The author of the books, Thomas Meyer, is also nominated for the best scenario.

Only two nominations «Zwingli»

Big public box In contrast, "Zwingli", which is now very successful in the cinema, nominated Max Simonischek as the best actor in the title and Sarah Sophia Meyer, who plays his wife Anna as the best actress.

Surprisingly and unfairly, Bettina Oberli's first French production of "Le Vent Tourne", which starts at the cinema only, is completely empty. The drama of ecological love in Jura is obviously between the chair and the bank – or between France and Switzerland.

But it turns out that Simon Jaquemet's powerful sect or cryptographic media drama «Innocent», The link opens in a new window became a critically acclaimed colleague favorite. Though the movie viewer has completely depressed the film.

Every year again

And like every year there are interests. For example, the old master Jean-Luc Godard has been nominated for the best installation with his installation film "Le livre d & # 39; image".

Peter Scherer is about his movie music "#Female Pleasure" and Markus Imhoof nominated for "Eldorado", also nominated for Best Documentary. Sherer has a good chance of winning against Chris the Swiss, who has already won three times.

By the way, if any of the documentary films will not remain Fanny Bräuning "Immer und Ewig", the manufacturers have decided not to publish a documentary film for the next year to offend the wheelchair and RV. Finally, this movie is just starting to film.

All candidates in 2019

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