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Swiss and SBB serve the funds

Switzerland has changed its menu and added some Swiss classics. Additional funds can order Plättli over the clouds.

Bikini, bathing and sunscreen creams in hand luggage, with a great fondness above the clouds on the way to heat! This slightly unconventional combination for Swiss passengers can be used from December 1st.

During the winter, Lufthansa's branch changed the menu. The airline offers a new Swiss version of the Savevers menu, which is offered for European flights from Geneva within half a year.

The fund goes to Morocco

Switzerland adds classic cheese to its menu with flights to Malaga, Athens, Stockholm, Moscow, Gothenburg, Hurghada, Lisbon, St. Petersburg and Marrakech.

The fund is made according to a typical recipe (50% Vacherin fribourgeois and 50% Gruyère) and is served with bread (price: 17 francs). "The funds are not served on the rechaud, but it's warmed up in the oven," says Blick President.

If you are really hungry, you can order traditional cold cuts (Plättli) with dried meat, raw ham and Gruyère islands for 15 francs.

Birchermüesli with a new recipe

The new menu includes other typical Swiss items, such as hot chocolate or Bircher muesli made for a new recipe.

From May 30, passengers can order various à la carte meals and drinks – in addition to the basic product included, depending on their tariff category, which they can pay directly on board.

The train costs 9.90 francs to the fund

The SBB also checks how well the travel guy arrives. "Since the end of October, we have a gerbera fund on the IC8 line from Romanshorn to Brig," says Blick president.

Part of the classic cheese costs 9.90 francs per train. Complaints about odor disturbances from other dining car users have not yet been made, says a representative.

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