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Spitsenexzesse Army top has the effects – Switzerland: Standard

The report of this newspaper on the huge costs at the top of the army has consequences. "This cost scandal has to be discussed at the next meeting of the Security Policy Commission," said SP National Adviser Priska Seiler Graf. Josef Dittli (FDP), Chairman of the National Security Policy Commission (SIC), said: "This issue has not been resolved. I want to know if the new edition of the Federal Council Guy Parmelin In the future, such exaggeration will be impossible. "At today's JIT JIT meeting, Dittley asked Parmelin for a statement.

Details on the use of the report on the use of fees at the highest military level have shown a surprise and anger for policy makers. In particular, it is not clear that in June last year 18 armored helicopters flew to Wales to fly 18 partners, including a golf course. Dittli says workshops and army reports should focus on the cause. "The Framework Program and the end-of-year lunch are cost effective and proportionate. It may not be that the taxpayer has to pay the costs of the Partners of the Department of Defense."

Protection from SVP

Green Security politician Balthasar Glättli believes that the expense thing is "the tip of iceberg". He says: "The fact that the army does not always spend the money badly does not just appear to be about the seemingly unreasonable spousal excesses. Also, with the purchase of new destroyer aircraft, VBS expects much more costs than Belgium and the Netherlands have to pay for their new F-35.

Meanwhile, SVP security politician David Zuberbühler defends his defense minister. Immediately after the announcement of the charges, he ordered an investigation. As a result, he has created a new spending regulation that has been in place since September and "eliminates such unsustainable excesses at the expense of taxpayers."

In fact, the new directive requires resources to be "economically and economically". Employees, and in particular the management, have a duty to behave in terms of cost. The directive limits the amount of VBS staff to a maximum of CHF 120 per person for "common events" that may take place once a year, including catering, transport and infrastructure. In the future, employee donations are banned at the expense of taxpayers, and federal government employees need lunch. Seiler Graf Judge: "It is the army's own fault if you have to look carefully and be thorough."

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