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Speed ​​Camera A1 charges each driver

On the A1 motorway near Wil, on Tuesday morning, the speed camera was everything and everyone. Due to the alarm hamsters at fault.

Many car drivers were surprised: everyone who was on the A1 highway on Tuesday morning approached Wil. It doesn't matter if you have 80 or 140 km / h.

Lightning storm cause: construction site alarms. Because there was a flashing lights on Pannenstreifen in the woods just behind the highway For trailers. Right next to the looming lightning cats. «Yellow flashing lights may have interfered with the measuring sensor. He mistakenly believed that a fast car was approaching, ”says Florian Schneider, a canton police media representative in St. Gallen for FM1Tay.” So he was more or less exciting.

In social networks, the fast-paced speed camera quickly became a topic. Facebook user speculated in group: «Has been checked if you are tight» Another user suspects general control to detect mobile phone sinners. But Kapo's representative Schneider weighs: "The canton of St. Gallen never flashes caution, but only pays for speeding."

«Of course no one is a kiss who wasn't too fast»

The flash spook lasted about two hours. The alarm was installed at 7:30. When the first wildcard report was received at 11:00 am 9.20 Kantonalne at the Emergency Response Center, they responded immediately, says Schneider. Soon after 9:30, the error was fixed. Whether the lightning bolt has been misplaced by the car for two hours or just a few minutes, Capo St. Gallen cannot yet be said.

Fear of a bus ticket, but there must be no proper steering wheel. "Of course, no one has been rescued who was not too fast," promises Schneider on the local radio. Even those who did not wear a seat belt or wear a smartphone are being punished. But if you actually traveled too fast, you can still wait to send it.

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