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Sold grandfather – culture

Once a week Aloj Abrams (72) turns into a hypebeast. The youth language describes a teenage girl who collects very expensive, very coveted clothing and shoes, to only affect his peers, which is mainly funded by parents. Aloj Abram from Hecsheim near Mainz is a retired person. He has someone who pays for his clothes, but they are not his parents, and he affects 220,000 people.

About the Instagram photo platform Hypebeast grandfather is famous for the pseudonym @Jaadiee. In his first photograph, which he posted on the Internet, he accidentally leaned against the brick wall. The right arm is slipped to the hip, the left leg bent. He looks like he does not really know what he is doing, and, above all, why. Why did he have forced himself into the grandson's white and red slippers, which are too small for him. Why is he wearing tennis socks, why he turned Manchester trousers up to the ankles and why this bag was stretched over his white dome.

"This was my idea," proudly says Janik Diefenbach, Abram's 23-year-old grandson. The young man, who was sweeping the temples under thick hair curls, his thick silver rings on his fingers, wanted to rejoice at Christmas two years ago. For his friends, he wanted to photograph a grandfather, which he put in his clothes. No one could guess what followed. Now Aloj Abram turns into several weeks for several minutes than his previous life. He was a glass producer. Now he goes to gymnasium three times a week, likes to take care of the garden and more than his grandchildren. So he agreed with the joke: "I wanted to make Janniku happy." Although it was strange, he says: "I only knew about sports, I never knew what to do with slippers" Why?

His fame does not challenge Opa Alojz – he enjoys it. In the supermarket, where the young people come to him and want to welcome themselves. In the gym, where the strong men press on his shoulders and envy him as his followers. And in international fur exhibitions, to which the organizers invite him. "Recently many girls girls approached me at the Amsterdam show," Abram said he was still surprised: "From China, Indonesia and the Philippines."

The fact that people recognize him makes him proud. And the money? "We get four figures for each photo," says Jannik Diefenbach. They get money when grandfather plays new video games and can shoot. To keep the fur in the camera. Or certain drinks. Collaboration partners send him his products along with motifs, which grandfathers and grandchildren later promise – which often happens in different proportions. "One day I should put a scarf over my head," says Abram. "I still do not understand why."

What @Jaadiee deserves, becomes grandson Jannik. In one condition: he must not neglect his research, because Instagram grandfather is rather conservative. Because otherwise, he says, is fast over with alterations.

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