Thursday , March 30 2023

Roche books on Airline United for $ 34 million


The blurry photo reveals the largest corporate customers of the United States airline United. The list shows how much Apple, Google and Roche pay each year.

Entrepreneurship with corporate customers is beneficial for airlines. How profitable is exactly what the American airline's marketing folder shows, which Twitter has accidentally reached the public.

According to documents, Apple is the UK's largest customer with sales of $ 150 million a year. Facebook, Roche, and Google follow the second place – albeit at a considerable distance, as they are "just" responsible for $ 34 million.

Roche with the league with Facebook

Thus, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant is playing with a world-wide technology giant league. If spending on other airlines is increased, the group's annual flight expenses will increase again. Upon request, Roche does not wish to comment on "individual expenses".

For a flight costing about 1,000 francs, a company can rely on 34,000 flights a year, only with the airline. Such amounts are pooled only when doing business.

Between $ 12 and $ 17 million a year, United States provides airline consulting services. Deloitte and PwC are included in this category, but Cisco and Oracle also pay so much for airline tickets. Relatively modest spending on air transport from Intel, Visa and Chevron, these companies spend more than $ 10 million a year under the United Folders.

Apple books every day for 50 places in Shanghai

By the way, the Joint Airline has confirmed the authenticity of the documents, has since withdrawn them from Twitter and has informed the companies concerned of the publication of their data.

It's also exciting to look at the most popular routes for the main customer, Apple. The most important route is from San Francisco to Shanghai. Here are Apple books for 50 class day business class. Other popular routes are from the US to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and London. Munich Airport is the 7th German airport top 10.

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