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Police stop a demonstration against a state strike – News Zurich: Region

The Cantonese Police are on the spot with a large number of people, following a suitable online platform for a demonstration called "Blocher hau ab! Uster remains solidary". After about 19:00, about 150 people gathered in front of the station, later they wanted to move to the center to Stadthofsaal. At noon 8:00 pm, former federal advisor Christoph Blocher gives a lecture entitled "A 100-Year-Old General Strike, Thanks to Citizens, Authorities and Soldiers."

It is a disgrace to the demonstrators: "Anyone who abuses a strike on a propaganda violence must count on resistance," they write in a press release. The national strike was a class struggle from the bottom.

Before 150 people could move to Stadthofsaal with a banner, the police stopped the protest. The demonstration is illegal. However, the assembly was not dissolved.


Created: November 13, 2013 at 19:12

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