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Natonal League: Davos HC loses the EV train


Davos – train 1: 8

During the week Arno Del Curto again called for the stars to honor. The Engadine defended the home game against EV defeat in defense and patience. "We have to tell if the puck does not want to get into the gate immediately." But he wants to. After 16 seconds and the Zug goalkeeper Sandro Aeschlimann, 2, with a slightly hesitating disc.

However, the hike, which was an initial spark, became a stumbling block to the stunning HCD. Shortly afterwards, Aeschlimann's opponent, Lindbäck, slides on a 20-foot Schlenker Widerströms, and the surrounding disc is Schnyder, and then the strap above the line.

And this was again for the people of the Georgians. By the seventh startling home defeat in the eighth round, the team breaks down again, and the Déja-vu is in an infinite loop.

The tightening uncertainty on Tuesday in Rapperswil can be recognized in most stages, the team once again has full ownership. In this situation, the team is not competitive, so goalkeeper Anders Lindbäck is. The experienced Swede hesitates as Senteler catches the goal line 4: 1.

In Landwassertal, thunder becomes more and more threatening. The Vaillant arena's blood supply performs not only for the mind, but also for the public.

The seldom busy eastern curve is guaranteed at 1: 6 level, it never wants to give up. But this spark does not jump over to the crew. EV Zug has some tactical sophistication and regular discipline on three simple points. Things have never been easier in Switzerland's Central Switzerland.

At HC Davos, next week, you have to ask (and answer) questions during the international break. No matter how the team pulls the case out in Emmental, things will not go to Davos again.

prince – The designated sniper ticks in the last section and covers the completely shocked Schlumpf EVZ protector with punches. That's frustration.

Stalberg – The Swede
Wing Forward denies Davos (for the time being) the last match in Switzerland. You get three aids. Next week, Stalberries are bought at the KHL Avangard Omsk club.

The best – Suri (EVZ). You have a lot of fun in the game.

Plum – Lindbäck (HCD). You can not hide your uncertainty after 1: 1 of freshly laid eggs. Only the weakest among the weak.

gates 1. Wieser (M. Wieser) 1: 0. 2. Schnyder (Widerström, Stadler) 1: 1. 17. Simion (Albrecht, Alatalo) 1: 2. 18. Sentler (Klingberg, Stalberg) 1: 3. 25. Senteler (Stalberg, Klingberg) 1: 4 28. Martschini (Suri) 1: 5. 31. Diaz (Martschini, Stalberg / PP) 1: 6. 51. Suri 1: 7. 52. Alatalo (Schnyder, Haberstich 1: 8.


Ambri – Tigers 2: 4

(The game is to read the ticker)

The game – Great Langnau. Poor Ambri. The SCL Tigers celebrates their sixth victory in the last seven games. Ambri is losing fourth. Bitter: In the second third of Leventiner, the game is played in 113 seconds. The spectacular striker, Dominik Kubalik, doubled his leg over the Tigers Damiano Ciaccio 1-1 draw. After six minutes, Ambri Pech, as the board is third in the line, but the referees have interrupted the game. The decision was made by Benjamin Conz. Ambri Goalie, playing for a long time, plays Anton Gustafsson directly on the album. Benjamin Neukom flames fortune to Langnau. Angelo Rocchinotti

ban – Tigers goalkeeper Ivars Punnenovs, who has recently suffered from severe problems, will not join the Latvian national team next week. – We will not let go. The risk is too great, "said Marco Bayer, sports director." Ivars agrees. "

future – The end of the season, the contract comes from Heinz Ehlers's successful coach. Of course, Langnau wants to extend it. Bayer: "We're sitting together after the Nati break, the goal is to make it clear by the end of the month."

unlucky person – Sandro Gurtner, who collided with his Tiger in 2017, 2017 and 2017 before colliding with Tiger-Elo, falls on his shoulder, but this time he continues.

The best – Gustafsson (SCL), perfect preparation for 3: 2.

Plum – Conz (HCAP), Bad weather disappears. A. R.


Bern – Lakers 3: 1

(The game is to read the ticker)

The game "After two consecutive bankruptcies, the SCB coach, Jalonen strongly blows storm rows. But it only works for a short time. After Mursak 2: 0 in the 17th minute, Bern stops the action unstoppably. Thanks to the unimaginable opponent, victory is still enough.

The harmlessness – The Lakers attacker has nothing to say about the best defense of the championship. In the 16th game, the rear lamp on the eleventh time reaches a maximum of one goal.

The return – Rappius Casey Wellman comes back after five weeks of injury. The temporary contract with Czech Radek Smolen is therefore not renewed.

The best – Mark Arcobello (Berne). Gate, template.

Plum – Jared Aulin (Lakers). Even without 16 games. C. S.

gates 3. Ebbett (Scherwey, C. Gerber) 1: 0. 17. Mursak (Arcobello) 2: 0. 40. Ness (Iglesias, Brem / PP) 2: 1. 46. Arcobello (Moser) 3: 1.


Lausanne – Lugano 2: 1

(The game is to read the ticker)

The game – Both teams have been set up high, with three pairs of victories in this duel. The Vaud countries are pushing for the fourth consecutive year. The Lugano goalkeeper Merzlikins rescues the team from the early shortage. The two goals in Lausanne in the first third will still be victorious. Since the number of opportunities the Bianconeri does not score more goals.

The scene – Romain Loeffel, defender of Lugano, with Merzlikins' goal to be dropped from the ice. Why? A position colleague, Julien Vauclair, fired hard with Loeffel's skates, which disappeared. If there is only one slider, the player will not move forward.

The best – Boltshauser (Lausanne), rock solid and strong.

Plum – Lapierre (Lugano), does not appear. N.V.

gates 13. Mitchell (Kenins) 1-0. Genazzi (Jeffrey, Kenins) 2: 0. 20. Hofmann (Church, Sannitz) 2: 1.


The next leg of the National League

Friday, November 2

  • 19:45: Bern – SCRJ Lakers
  • 19.45: Ambri – Tigers
  • 19.45: Lausanne – Lugano
  • 19.45: Davos – train

Saturday, November 3

  • 19.45: Tigers – Davos
  • 19.45: Train – Lausanne
  • 19:45: Servette – Ambri
  • 19:45: SCRJ Lakers – Friborg
  • 19.45: Lugano – ZSC Lions
  • 19.45: Biel – Bern

Tuesday, November 13

  • 19.45: Ambri – Lugano
  • 19.45: Bern – Servette
  • 19.45: Biel – Tigers
  • 19.45: Friborg – Davos
  • 19:45: Lausanne – SCRJ Lakers
  • 19.45: ZSC Lions train

The table

games goal difference point
1. Biel 16 58:32 33
2. SCL Tigers 15 47:29 30
3. Bern 15 43:26 29
Step 4 15 47:33 29
5. Friborg 16 38:38 26
6. Lausanne 17 43:43 25
7. ZSC Lions 14 31:31 24
8. Lugano 15 44:36 21
9. Ambri 15 36:45 21
10. Servette 15 34:43 20
11. Davos 15 26:61 11
12. Lakers 16 18:48 7

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