Thursday , March 4 2021

Nati is awkward in a friendly situation against Qatar

Only a few Ticino fans are chiselled. Nati trainer Petkovic will not find a recipe for Katara (rh). In the end, Switzerland is an apartment. 0: 1 win against number 96 in the world!

Qatar Afif Dance Mvogo

Even at the break, Cornaredo has only 4170 fans whistling. Exactly. But it does not depend on Qatar that Swiss fans are caught. By the way, the doctor uses the katari to describe the inflammation of the respiratory organs. The Swiss B-Team is not enough.

A creeping lawn should not serve as an excuse. And fewer fans wanted to see Nati 14 years ago, 0-0 Hard Tower against Northern Ireland.

Petkovic starts in three of the defense with new entrants Benito and Lacroix. In the middle of the defense, at least Schär convinced, despite a fracture of the nose bone.

In 2 minutes, the Newcastle Mercenary dreams of a siphon of 60 meters. Close to

Lang sends Zakari to the center. There Seferovic replacement Gavranovic is trying with a hoe. This is a mistake.

Swiss dust in the 23rd minute. Afif shot can repel summer substitute Mvogo, Qatar tried in good condition with his head. Close to

One of the few Swiss highlights for the party: Xhaka's main wave of Lang head with a back post.

Katari ever met on the network. Afif clearly starts from the back position. The Dutch judge's assistant may have a short second sleeping, who likes to blame him? Ref awakens him.

What do you do against Qatar – just cry it away? No, Petkovich reacts.

He brings Shaq! As a captain of Xhaka. First of all, the limited joy of pleasure Ticino. A magic dwarf makes a delicate smell. Shaq puts off the penalty shoot-out debutant Fasnahta. YB wins the cross.

Soon there will be first shaqiri bells. He guessed, but did not find Qatar's recipe. And his friend Ayti is not working several times just now.

And then the robbery is suddenly perfect. 86 minutes. Ball loss on the YB-Sow pushbutton. Afif curves around the shy goal keeper Mvogo. 0: 1.

After all. There are no new injuries before the League League against the group leader in Belgium (on Sunday in Lucerne).

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