Tuesday , October 26 2021

Lost: Horses coping over Aarauer Hauptstrasse


On Friday afternoon, two horses deal with Aarauer Hauptstrasse to Soloturn. They just left the trip.

From Aarau to Soloturn

Horses gallop on the main road

Two horses ran on Friday afternoon along the main road from Aarau to Wöschnau SO.

At the same time, a reader journalist walks with his dogs: "They turned their teeth along the table. And then a small van with emergency warning lights," he says.

Immediately search for the cantons of the canton police Aargau and Solothurn – without success.

Just run away

But where are the two horses now? "Maybe they're still on the road, most likely the owner could catch them. At least we haven't got the missing information," Kapo Aargau on request.

Same with Kapo Solothurn. Again, no further search activity will be performed. It is also not necessary. Because: the horses returned themselves to Trottenhof in Erlinsbach. This is reported by TeleM1. Both animals just went off while driving.

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