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Kerstin Ott rejoices after the expulsion "Let's Dance"

Kerstin Ott will not be present in the upcoming "Let & # 39; s Dance" episodes. However, the singer does not cover tears.

Usually it is a sad moment for candidates when at the end of "Let's Dance" it means they are no longer allowed to dance. But yesterday Kerstin Ott (37) loudly encouraged when the presentations revealed that the singer would no longer be. In the next interview, "Die always laughs" -Hitmacherin also saw a smile that delights joy rather than tears.

Even before her dance, salsa, Ott admitted that she really did not want to be part of the RTL program: "We are already in the fifth exhibition, and I'm still not relieved and relieved. On the contrary, I get harder and harder every week." time is not felt: "I feel so misplaced. And I can't say to the camera every week, please call me when I think," Please never answer again. "It seems wrong to me." to be.

"I didn't see a fire from you."

Juror Joachim Llamb (54) was offensive. Finally, Ott signed a contract: "If you have a more or less completed case because you think you can't do it, you won't be able to do it. I haven't seen any fire from you." from the jury seven.

And the spectators had concluded with the singer. Ott hasn't received enough calls and cheered up, "It was salvation. I'm so happy."

By the way: with your dance partner Regin Luc (30), the tears of disappointment still flowed. Juror Llambi understands it well. "Of course, the heart surpasses the dance, and if someone says it, you personally take it," he said today. (Klm)

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