Tuesday , March 2 2021

Jürg Marquard: "Returning to the exact opposite"

Jürg Marquard, formerly the sole owner of the Marquard Media Group, has surprisingly sold some of his group of companies: Bijan Khezri, his director of operations. By raising capital, Khezri took over 20 percent of the shares.

This step does not have to be understood as entering the exit, emphasizes Marquard, who created his own media group in his own name: "On the contrary," says Markward. "Bijan Khezri and I are completely motivated to reunite the group up."

The Marquard publishing group had grown up with lifestyle sheets: First, the German edition of Cosmopolitan and the internal development of Marquard, Joy, which he exported through licensing in many other countries, provided the circulation of revenue and high revenues from advertising.

Even to eastern Europe, especially Hungary, he soon expanded. In 2012, Marquard sold its lifestyle portfolios to the German publishing group Bauer and focused on its subsidiary Computec, which sells printed and online publications in IT, computer and computer games. In 2005, Marquard Computec took over.

"New Platforms in the Gambling Industry"

Computec has already expanded its editorial offerings and enhanced its online offerings, but now it wants to take bigger steps: "We mainly work in the field of games with completely new platforms and applications." Marquard will not be more accurate.

Obviously this means not only editorial content but also services and business-based offers. Computec already runs game servers and applications, organizes industry congresses and reaches more than ten million unique users per month, with 13 print and digital magazines.

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