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If the majority of inspections are carried out in Zurich

Police in Zurich control a man at Langstrasse. Image: KEYSTONE

Where in the Zurich are undergoing personal checks – and why

Between February and July 2018, 16,554 people were registered in Zurich, which is about 91 people a day. 31 percent – about 5100 cases – the police were right in their assumption, as reported by NZZ. Since then, the Zurich Police has an obligation to handle every use of the smartphone application, in addition to the cause and location of the event – and whether the action is successful.

The new system was introduced after a number of allegations of racial profiling were put forward, ie whether racially motivated controls were in place. The Swiss Human Rights Center concluded that the allegations were unfounded. City Police Zurich, however, reacted and introduced a Web application to collect data on person control.

Data evaluation

To date, most controls have been performed in line 4 around Langstrasse. The city center (area 1) and the industrial district (district 5) are followed. In the Zurich-North, many people were stopped. This is due to the fact that the Oerlikon and Seebach districts are steadily increasing.

District 1 is a very common people. Image: KEYSTONE

Human control motifs are much more interesting than the location. Finally, the most – about 6,200 times – the city police stopped people due to "prominent behavior or abnormal appearance" – 22 percent of them were right. The second most frequent control was in relation to a particular event, such as tragedy. Here, the success rate is 42 percent.

"Police situation and threat" was given the third most legitimate. These are promotional activities at major events, such as street parades or football matches. Below are tests based on "objective experience", which is a well-known treatment type. For both grounds of justification, the police were entitled to every fourth suspect.

The lowest-rated person's checks were "deals and search queries." However, statistics show that the success rate is almost 60 percent. In other words, more than half of the people checked were listed in the search engine.

A unique system in Switzerland

City Police Zurich is the first housing in Switzerland to collect such data. Comparable systems are available in England. However, this could not be accepted, for example, because of controlled ethnicity.

Application processing is very simple. The NZZ form can be completed within a very short time. No extra costs incurred in development.

Of success, one talks to the city police, but not. Among other things, it can be difficult to report because there is no comparison with data from other Swiss cities. (No)

As a police officer, Shafner infiltrated Moving in the 80s:

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