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Hundreds of Los Angeles hit quarantine caused by measles

There are hundreds of students and staff at two Los Angeles universities due to possible measles infection. According to the US media, it is one of the largest quarantine orders in California history.

In recent days, around 1,000 people have been asked to stay at home and avoid contact with other people because they may have been exposed to measles, the US media wrote referring to local health officials on Friday (local time), including Los Angeles. Angeles Times.

It could last up to 21 days, wrote Washington Post. It was a protective measure against the spread of the disease, because the affected people must be at the same time in the hospital or in certain classes. The number of measles diseases in the US is currently at its highest, as it was recognized as lost in 2000.

Those who can prove they have a vaccine against measles at the University of California or California State University and Los Angeles are allowed to move freely, according to the US media. As a result, the number of quarantine cases has steadily declined and, according to the Washington Post, has recently reached around 700.

Trump calls for vaccination

In view of the worrying spread of measles, US President Donald Trump called on parents to vaccinate their children on Friday: "These vaccinations are so important." Trump in the past was skeptical about this topic.

In 2014, he created a link between vaccination and autism in children – a common misconception about vaccines. Recently, the US Department of Health has reported a record number of measles cases, which account for 695 cases of illness in the country.

Measles viruses can be trapped in the saliva drops in the air. A few days later, the rash spreads throughout the body. About one in ten patients have complications such as otitis media or pneumonia. Because parents are infected, the more dangerous the disease becomes. In rare cases, there are brain inflammations that can be fatal.

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