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Gian Luca Barandun prefers to follow the action rather than words


Giants of the Grison ski racing Luca Baranduns died on Sunday at a 24-year-old plane. Humorous, ambitious and balanced athlete.

Marco Ackermann

Gian Luca Barandun was a great surprise to Swiss skiing last winter. (Photo: Peter Schneider / Keystone)

Gian Luca Barandun was a great surprise to Swiss skiing last winter. (Photo: Peter Schneider / Keystone)

Last season he was one of the largest Alpine-Team of Swiss-Ski mountaineers. At the beginning of the winter, he was only familiar with the inside, followed by the 9th place in Bormio and Wengener Lauberhorn, 15th in the World Cup, and only 23-year-old Gian Luca Barandun was suddenly a candidate for the Olympics. He would have really traveled to Pyongdzhan if Carlo Janka had abandoned his knee damage.

Even without the Olympic Games, Barandun is a very successful winter. As the second overall ranking of the European Cup Super-G, he secured a certain place in the World Cup. In the spring he got up from team B to team A. The childhood dream of becoming a professional racing driver has come true.

Barandun had to fight harder for this dream than others. When he had to leave the National Center for the Performing Arts in the East due to his age at the end of the recent period, he was barely allowed to take the Swiss ski team. Only with a private training group, where the ski brothers and sisters Theo and Marie-Theres Nadig of Flumserbergen soon disconnected from the second opportunity, he could later recommend one of the team teams.

And then, a few years ago, was the tragic death of his father. Since Gian Luca was the only man in this family, he was supposed to help with his parents' family Präz am Heinzenberg. And he realized that he should also put his hands on the fate of sport if he wanted to achieve something.

"Bari", as its friends called, was the one who chose to speak words, not words. In his report, he reminded observers Carlo Janka. Barandun was considered ambitious, accurate, diligent and one who could bite himself. "However, he never lost respect and justice to others," says a former member who sometimes competed with Barandoun. Barandune's uncle Peter, one of the Vice-Presidents of the Swiss Ski Association, says: "Gian Luke had a bright balance next to him, and his track always had a great goal to work up the podium level."

Gian Luca Barandun was also in the wild in his spare time whenever possible. So he was a passionate beast. On Sunday Baranduna was killed in a flight on a flight with paragliding Schluein.

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