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Galatasaray disagrees: CC wants Eren Derdiyok

Zion Boss Christine Constantine plays Valais Croesus, takes a lot of money in his hand. On the one hand, infrastructure – but also new players: Eren Derdiyok must come.

Sion boss Christian Constantin is mobilizing with his new coach Murat Yakin. Over the next two years, he wants to invest $ 46 million in infrastructure.

And let his team fit the other half. With two interesting words: Eren Derdiyok (30) and Léo Lacroix (26), who played only twice in the second Bundesliga HSV.

Especially exciting is the case of Derdiyok, because in Sion Nati striker will also meet with Turkey. Both are Basler. But on the knee, both were grazing. As Derdiyok moved from the old boys to the FCB, Yakin stopped.

Derdiyok has an agreement with Galatasaray Istanbul until the summer, but coach Fati Terim said he no longer needed it. Despite the 7 goals Süper Lig in the original round of 13 games!

CC cannot offer a 2 million net salary

Constantin: "We've offered Eren. But let's first wait until the transfer window is closed." That's on Thursday.

But CC also knows that Derdiyok gets two million francs in Istanbul. CC can never offer it to an attacker.

And then would be interested in the club from China. Like Derdiyok former Turkish club Kasimpasa. A little bit of solvent competition.

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