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Gabrielle Union: After a few wrong children, finally a child


Even in Hollywood, not everything that shines is gold.
Gabrielle Union
, 46, it knows from personal experience. Actress for many years trying to be a child. Now her wishes have come true, albeit in an unconventional way.

Gabrielle Union: Survivor's Mother gave birth to her daughter

The star of Instagram announces the success of their little ones. "We are no longer sleeping and having enough, but we are so glad to announce that our child's miracle was born on November 7 from a surrogate mother," says Gabrielle. The daughter's childhood birthday was the most beautiful of her life, the actress continued. Together with her husband
Dwyane Wade
, 34, with whom she has been married since 2014, she has a small bundle in her hands. A pair of bright smile shows how much they both have wanted this moment.

She had more than eight abortions

Gabrielle Union had to wait a long time for her first child. In her autobiography, which appeared last year, she, according to the US portal, discovered that she suffered more than eight abortions. For years, she tried to fall asleep with artificial insemination. As this undoubtedly did not produce the desired result, Gabrielle finally turned to the surrogate mother. also
Kim Kardashian
, 38 years old and Nicole
, 51, have already received descendants in this way. How nice it is that the dream of mother has finally come true for the Gabrielle Union.

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