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From Gotthard to Bundeshaus – Heidi Z & graggen touching – News


Heidi Z Grager stands as a pragmatic worker. She has persuaded them in Uri's small mountain canton – now she's also wanting to win the House for herself.

Since she was unexpectedly stationed next to Viola Amherdam for a Bundesrat ticket by the CVP faction, 52-year-old men dropped their interview from an interview. It's not too much for her, says Heidi Z & # 39; graggen: "I apply for a high political office. People and, above all, parliamentarians want to know who I am."

A member of the Altdorf Council wants to become Uri's first federal advisor. Doctor of Political Science in 2010 tried to move to Bern: she ran to the Council – and was defeated. Urner CVP lost its place to the Green Liberals. Z & # 39; s Graggian statement that at the same time she wants to become a manager and advisor, she would most likely have been harmed by her.

Egyptian Investor Door Openers

As Ziraggens' biggest merit, Uri is an Egyptian investor Samih Sawiris holiday resort. After the withdrawal of Andermatha's military force, the region had lost a lot of jobs, the emigrants had emigrated. Heids Z & # 39; graggen, the highest-powered spatial planet maker, has made the project possible, says Georg Simmann, author of the Ursern Valley corporation.

ZGGGGG had intervened until the Attorney General Christoph Blocher and the Andermatt exception from Lex Koller and the second home initiative durchgeboxt, as well as the excitement of some natural and environmental workers. However, today criticism is just behind closed doors.

Solidarity in the small canton of the mountains – all the more so, explains Franz Steinegger, the former URI FDP National Council and party president. "If a nun has such career opportunities, you will not find it". Critics practice such a situation quite quietly.

The question of whether ZGGGGG is in the format of the federal adviser, Steinegger is avoided. "She is not a crisis manager who likes to make quick decisions. She prefers to invite everyone to the round table. She was summoned to try to balance. That's why she solved many problems." He did not want to say more. He is also Urners – and thus also a solidary, says Steinegger.

SVP is not completely sure

Z & # 39; graggen, romantically involved in the Zurich SVP male Bruno Dobler, is a fair topic for immigration and competition on Viola Amherd's foreign policy issues. She was able to earn points with a SVP, but she did not worry about the whole group.

She felt that ZG Gragen was ready to act, said Barbara Steinemann, National Advisor to Zurich's SPS. "But there are people in the group who found their answers quite debilitating and sponge". However, the SVP wants to support Z & G graphene.

In Greenland, Urnerin wanted to convince them of their commitment to the environment – it obviously failed. "If you are a candidate for CVP or FDP, you have the right to say that you are not the green. But holding a flag with nothing is not possible," said Irène Kälin, member of the Aargau National Council. The Green and Green Liberals do not want to decide which candidate they will support until the next week.

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