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Founder transaction ends: From tomorrow Whatsapp can be advertised

Whether or not it is still unclear. In any case, Whatsapp is allowed to advertise its users from February 1. However, it is not intended to be too clear.

Facebook, grocery store. One million of the Silicon Valley belong not only to the white "f" platform, but also to Instagram or Whatsapp services installed on many smartphones in Switzerland.

While the ad has long been promoted on Facebook and Instagram apps, it's taboo on Whatsapp. Reason: When, five years ago, Facebook seized a green courier for $ 22 billion under the nail, promised boss Mario Zuckerberg (34) Whatsapp founders Jan Koum (42) and Brian Acton (46), according to the "Chip" portal, to refuse advertising. However, both companies left the company in 2017 and 2018.

Finally from the Loss Area?

Not forever, but only today. From February 1, 2019, Whatsapp can be advertised under the contract. However, whether this will happen directly is unclear. At the request of BLICK, the representative said that it was planned to start advertising during the year without specifying a specific date.

On the other hand, it is already clear how it will look: it will not be shown intrusively in the chat, but initially it will only appear in the status displays. You can – just like Instagram with Stories feature – put pictures, videos and text of experience so that all your contacts can see them.

Future advertising revenue should ultimately help to highlight Whatsapp from red, which it could never leave despite 1.5 billion users. (KST)

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