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Fiorentina and Atalanta are in the Coppa Semifinals

Remo Freuler won the Coppa Italia 3-0 quarter-finals with Atalanta Favorit Juventus. Edimilson Fernandes wins Fiorentina against AS Roma 7: 1! At the same time, Edin Dzeko's fuses are burned.

Atalanta is in the Coppa Italia semi-finals and met with Fiorentina. They won home the exorbitant Juventin Turin at home, equal to 3: 0.

This victory is something that is not deserved. While the star ensemble around Ronald and Dybalu has not reached 90 minutes, Atalanta is again disciplined and uses Juventus ice cold front defects. In addition, the home team is opposed to replacing defender Chiellini in 27 minutes. Afterwards, it is even less suitable for guests who have problems with the attack on Atalanta right from the start. The first Castagne Bentancur misses the ball and finishes the ice down to 1: 0 (37). Just two minutes later, Zapata creates. He turns and dries in a dry corner.

After the break Juve plays better, but it becomes very dangerous. Zapata's De Sciglio-Bock used a superb strike from the left after 86 minutes. Colombia has already won the 10th race in the series and has 17 goals in the last 10 games! Remo Freuler plays at Atalanta and shows an outstanding game.

Fiorentina dismantles AS Roma

Blind eyes on the bench at AS Roma. It's 79th minute, when Giovanni Simeone, son of Atlético-Madrid coach Diego Simeone, won 6-1 Fiorentina, Swiss Nati player Edimilson Fernandes played Fiorentina.

It is a dismantling that provides a home team against helpless AS Roma. Ten minutes after his first goal, Simeone doubles and sets 7: 1 behind this Coppa Italia quarter-final.

Fiorentina starts at the beginning of the victory. Chiesa scored a twofold result of 18 minutes – both targets being counter-attacked by Mirallas using it fairly. JSC has seen more during the game (57 percent), but is almost unaware of well-organized home protection. Only when Kolarov is given a small space, this dusty ascent starts from 20 meters and the ball continuously enters the right corner.

But even after the goal, the hosts cannot be disturbed. Just five minutes later, Muriel restored two-lead lead.

The dragon is approaching the judge and sees red

After a break, Roma Dzeko and Pellegrini are attacking the fresh air. However, AS continues to find its way to the penalty area. Too little creativity is the massages that are massaged, the protector. And because the Roma lack their goal to score, Fiorentina answers. And that! First, Benassi sank to 4: 1 (66th), then Chiesse's hat is perfect (74). The home team needs two passes to play honest lethargy-defending Romans.

Between these two hits fired Dzeko's fuses (72). The substitute attacker apparently insulted Manganiello and got a red card! His head movement leaves room for speculation: Did he hit the judge? In any case, a short day's job as a substitute for Knipser in the second half.

Both Simeone hits are finally just two more pinpricks in the heart of the Roma. After 90 minutes the referee releases the guests. Fiorentina is thus in the Coppa semi-finals, where she meets the winner of Atalanta-Juventus. The first round of the semifinal will take place on 27 February. (RWE)

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