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Finally! Toyota Supra 2019 introduced data and prices


We didn't expect it any more. We strongly believe that Toyota will announce something in the Detroit Auto Show, but not in the new Supra. "This is the last definitive forefront that will appear in the summer of 2020 …" – something like that, but no, it is not! After 17 years of interruption and over ten years of (tiring) chat campaigns, it's time. Really! Finally! That's – Big Tusch – the new Toyota Supra! And at least at first glance, waiting seems to have been more than worthwhile.

Well, we know what you think now: Supra 2019 (code name: A90) doesn't look like the legendary predecessor Mk4. Toyota believes that the new car is mainly based on the rather breathtaking FT-1 concept from 2014 onwards. In fact, there is a lot in the development of a radical study.

Lamps, a carbon splitter and a double bubble roof take over the new Supra virtually unchanged. A very long, aggressive nose gives way to a more traditional solution. At the back it is basically similar. FT-1 takes over elements such as narrow rear lights, monumental spoiler spoiler or low-mounted LED brake light. The powerful side entrance, XXL diffuser or the huge active rear wing are being eliminated (some of them are expected in the already announced Supra performance version).

What we think is ultimately a very successful overall picture. Worlds better than what BMW did with the new Z4 (though you shouldn't, of course, compare the coupe and roadster). However, there are still some doubts as to whether the car really looks like a more than 60,000 Euro sports car. After all, you can only judge that when you look at it, sit in it, it has little effect.

This leads us directly to the interior, which looks like a lighter and more straightforward version of the BMW interior. It's not surprising, but Supra shares the platform with the BMW Z4. The 8.8-inch information and entertainment touch screen, the iDrive controller and the automatic selector lever are taken from one of Bavaria. In addition, patented solutions for digital instrument display, steering wheel and semiconductor seats are available.

Toyota Supra 2020
Toyota Supra 2020

The A90 chassis Toyota has been developed by Zero with Gazoo Racing. On the rear axle you will find a relatively common multi-link setting, with a two-way McPherson ass in front. Toyota promises more structural rigidity than Lexus LFA and lower center of gravity than GT86. The car's weight distribution is optimal at 50:50, and all versions receive adaptive shock absorbers with Normal and Sport modes.

Both driving modes also change parameters such as engine sound and response, steering or differential setting. The wheels are about 19 inches with 255/35 and 275/35 Michelin Super Sport tires. Brembo stoppers with four piston front supports are standard.

Toyota Supra 2020
Toyota Supra 2020

There was a lot of speculation about the new Supra engine. So, of course, it has long been known that Toyota will delight the 3.0-liter internal six-cylinder turbo turbine as well as the limited differential between the large ZF eight-speed automatic and the BMW full-variable electronic rear axle. But the exact horsepower has been a mystery to this day. Now we know: Supra's output is the same as Z4 M40i, that is: 340 hp and 500 Nm of torque. That's enough, according to the manufacturer, to speed up a heavy athlete with 1540 kilograms, starting at 4.3 seconds to 100 km / h. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h.

The opening of the new Supra market is planned for Germany at the end of summer 2019. There will be only one trim level in this country, offering almost complete equipment, including LED lights, Navi, electric Alcantara sports seats and some help systems such as lane warning or parking sensors. In addition, Toyota offers the highest quality package that includes a black leather interior, a JBL sound system with twelve speakers, a headset and a wireless charging feature on your smartphone.

Toyota Supra Launch Edition

The official price of the GR Supra 3.0 sports car is 62,900 euros. At first, there will be only 90 copies of the A90 Edition. Supra A90 Edition is the highest quality package and matte gray color, black black alloy wheels and red leather trim.

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