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Federer's class also wins


Rodgers Federer from the London ATP Final Semifinals failed. The 37-year-old Basel candidate is subjected to German Alexander Zverev 5: 7, 6: 7 (5: 7). An interrupted rally in the scorching period leads to controversy.

Jörg Allmeroth, London

The floor against Alexander Zverev is often under pressure: Roger Federer. (Photo: Justin Setterfield / Getty (London, 17 November 2018))

The floor against Alexander Zverev is often under pressure: Roger Federer. (Photo: Justin Setterfield / Getty (London, 17 November 2018))

Roger Federer was just sent to tennis holidays in the 2018 season, when after his 5: 7, 6: 7 (5: 7) semifinal final defeat Alexander Zverev ATP finals, something happened unusually on the network. Zverev kindly and apologetically apologized for the event, which in itself was not caused. Zverev Zverev had lost a felt ball from the 3: 4 defeat, the ball boy lost the ball, Zverev completely stopped, he struck again, serves ace to 4: 4. And from that moment he was pulled up as if he had accused 37-year-old Switzerland.

But Federer will not be Federer if he, the loser, would not have shown similarity and class. "You stop, stop, you do not have to apologize for anything," the maestro said the 21-year-old German said "the rule is the law. And now everything is the best for you." Then it was all, at least from Federer's point of view.

Spiessrutenlaufen for the winner

However, not for Zverev, because after the great victory of his new career, he had a real pressure rod – the culmination of the federal supporters' regular whistle-concert at the Zverev center trial with moderator Annabel Croft. "Why do you smell, Alexander was just respectful and deserving of respect," said Croft, a former professional player, as the mood became even more hostile. And Zverev? He had mastered a surprisingly compelling and convincing situation with the situation that he had previously been assigned to a court. Zverev apologized several times and also said that he "wanted to calm down once and for all:" I'm now losing a bit. Now that's not an easy thing. "It was almost as annoying as the recent US Open finale between the new Grand Slam queen Naomi Osaka and American Seren Wilsam, when the awards ceremony dropped in fans' chaos, triggered by Williams outbreaks, and it's believed that the points in question were dropped by the judge.

Zverev, who was the world champion in 1996, since 1996, Boris Becker was the first German to have earned what he did with his most valuable victory at the great London stage in his career. Zverjev finally finished the last exam with a festive color in this semifinale, so strong, persuasive and self-sufficient that he never tripled in a comparable match. Not Federer, but Zverev was to a large extent a man who determined the pace and rhythm of the game, with a gang attack on tennis, first-class cards and targeted network attacks. "I wanted to take questions in my hands," he later said, "and I was nervous to grow at crucial moments."

100th tournament winning dream is discontinued

Federer tried to win everything in the field against Zverev's constant pressure. But mainly because of all the services he provided he put down in this semi-final duel, both the first and second servant too rarely got into the field. However, the 37-year-old maestro in the first set kept up the action for a long, long time, in fact, up to 5: 6, while a weak moment in the twelfth game, in which he allowed Aleksandr Zverev a first break and then put the balls. The 1.98 meter giant did not ask for a long time, making the 1-0 lead sentence perfect.

Federer took Zverev, then played 2: 1 away in the second round, but Germany easily shook the failure, immediately scored by 2: 2. And, finally, he was widespread in the tournament, headed for 6: 4, and was an iron concentrate, as he pulls backhand volley to 7: 5 in the second game.

Federer's dream of winning the 100th tournament was discontinued as he now has a holiday season right now. After capital misconduct against Japanese Kei Nishikori and doubts about his performance, however, he was able to spend his holidays on a high-level weekend, Federer, which was also clear in London, remains the most important factor in tennis in the world.

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