Tuesday , June 6 2023

Ericsson 3rd series – Hamilton opens the Brazilian pole


Brazil is constantly up the road. Lewis Hamilton is again in pole position for Vettel. The violations against both were investigated, but Hamilton is unpunished, Vettel has been warned. The clean pilots of Ericsson and Leclerc are brilliant.

Louise Hamilton's 82nd Place is a fact. Mercedes has already set up the world champion, the fastest trained in Brazil. Mercedes is even more celebrated: it's the 100th place in the history of the team.

Celebrations might have suffered from a suppressor. Will Hamilton come back? He was disabled by Sirotkin Williams, the case was investigated. After more than three hours the FIA's decision: Hamilton to go along with it.

Sebastian Vettel, who was standing next to Hamilton in the first row, was in danger of being punished. He refused to turn off the engine while he was keen. He is warned and he has to pay a ridiculous 25,000 euro buses. So the first line stays in that way.

Sauber pilots who have achieved the best results for years 6 and 7 could have benefited from punishments. Team boss Vasseur before the verdict: "I'm curious how Vettel and Hamilton will be punished!" It stays in the starting positions of Ericsson in six and Leclerc in seven.

Vettel with swivel head

Vettel missed the last lap to fight for a clean pass, although he is up. In turn, the swivel light in eight blows the brilliant German dreams. Behind them are Bottas and Raikkonen.

Botte is slowly entering third place behind Vettel and Hamilton. Last year, Brazilian blue was still inactive, but did not win. Vettel won 2.7 seconds before Botta and 4.6 ahead for team member Raikkonen. The upcoming Sauber pilot makes the second Finnish series perfect.

That's why the qualification participants went, so they start. More here!

Shine shiny

Like in Russia and just two weeks ago in Mexico, Sauber cars run in the third quarter. Particularly Charles Leclerc is still hectic at the end of Q2. Sitting at the eleventh place, he descends the rain on the pit. "Then come back," that's what it means. But Leclerc does not want to: "I'm trying". And he immediately cuts the cut, starting with the seventh.

Marcus Ericsson also has an outstanding performance at 4.3 miles (750 meters above sea level) in Interlagos. He also makes it for ten, starting with the third row in line 6 – and thus for the first time since the 8 races before the team member Leclerc.

And: In the fight for the World Cup 8th, these starting positions are the best conditions. In Mexico, Hinwiler hosted 36:33 for the first time. A temporary decision may be made on Sunday.

Ricciardo and Ocon punished

In fact, the Swede is leading the seventh fastest time. But two riders receive a start-up penalty in five positions after qualifying: Ricciardo (Red Bull) for the new turbocharger Ocon (Racing Point) for a new gearbox. Ericsson takes Ricciardo's place, who returns to the age of 11.

Is it raining again on Sunday? From 18.10 hours we know more, then you live at GP do Brasil, live from Interlagos. For Skater: Formula 1 expert Roger Benoit from Interlagos.

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