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The winner saw applause. "It's a great honor to receive this prize," he said, taking the trophy. "Irish Year Industrial Entrepreneur" could call itself P.C. 2004. Now he is in custody in Zurich, is due to appear in court on Wednesday. The lorry has probably decided to donate several million francs. The allegations track his behavior for the first time.

About ten years ago, C. developed the Ammado platform. A collection of collections from around the world. Donors were able to directly click through projects and deposit amounts through the portal. Many were generous: between 2015 and 2017 more than 25 million French were received. Cash for people who need it. But a significant proportion never came to them.

"Snowball like vicious circle"

According to the prosecution, Ammado would have allowed a maximum of 7.5 per cent as commission. Instead, she had not passed 4.39 million francs but stuck in her corporate group. Rental, salary and running costs. AG located in Cugan, but also offices in Ireland or Serbia. According to the prosecutor, Mr C. was always informed about payments as chairman of the board.

Some donor organizations are aware of the shortcomings, and from the 2015 spring complaint will Ammado. But C. releases the callers over and over again. "Over time, there is a real snowball system like a vicious circle," says the prosecution article. "With new incoming donations, the biggest or worst losses were usually reduced, resulting in ever greater and / or larger donation shortcomings."

The prosecutor demands imprisonment for three years

Affected in Switzerland was the Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe Fund, which suits the wishes of children with illness or disability. "We were not paid around CHF 8000," says Co-CEO Nicole Sami. "We prayed over and over again, but nothing happened." Only when they put pressure on SRF journalists, the amount suddenly arrived in the fund. "We recommend donating to us instead of using the appropriate donation platform," says Sami. Other organizations are waiting to this day. Caritas's international relief organizations spent 373,000 francs. And the International Federation of Red Cross Societies did not receive 1.75 million francs. This organization, which filed a complaint in September 2017. As a result, police were arrested at Zurich Airport three months later.

Lawyer Dr. Denise Schmohl now demands deprivation of liberty for three years, mandatory – one year. The Irish is almost eating because he has been in jail since 2017 for Christmas. "The accused has acknowledged the facts and the punishment," says Schmohl. Therefore, Wednesday's judgment is abridged on misappropriation, fraudulent business, mismanagement, and creditor's choices. In Switzerland, once a recognized businessman is no longer welcome, he should receive a state reference for five years.

"My client has always led a moral duty to work for the poor," says Andrea Taormina, a defender. The entrepreneur was never involved in money laundering. "His goal was to expand Ammado's platform and to make more donations, he's financially taken over." The client expresses regret for his mistakes. "He acknowledged the citizens' demands. His goal is to compensate for losses."

(Sunday newspaper)

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