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Death Fight: Hideo Kojima talks about the current stage of development


Death Fight: Hideo Kojima talks about the current stage of development

In the 2016 E3, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Death Stranding, the latest Metal Gear Hideo Kojima project.

In a conversation with the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, Hideo Kojima spoke a few words about his current project or current state of development. It's said that Death Stranding has reached the polishing stage, where Kojima is experiencing an adventure and proposing improvements. Therefore, various gaming mechanisms had already been put together in summer 2018.

Kojima talks about separating Konami

However, Kojima not only spoke about the work of Death Stranding. The designer also lost a few words to remove Konami. According to his own figures, Kojima can not continue to talk about internal processes. However, he admits that he felt disconnected from the Japanese publisher as if he had lost everything.

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For example, he was forbidden to use Metal Gear for his creatures. In addition, Kojima indicated that he wanted to retire after separating from Konami for several years and wanted to re-collect. Those who approached him, however, suggested that he start work on a new project as soon as possible.

Kojima followed this recommendation and was born in Death Stranding.

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