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Corolla is experiencing its second spring – News Auto: A compact car


"Never change the winning team". A sporting principle that is especially important in soccer. But it can also be – not just in sports – that you can better keep your hands on even the very successful "lone wrestler" if he has become a front runner and no doubt. Like the Toyota Corolla, the world's best-selling car, it has been around for decades. More than 45 million times the Japanese have produced their eternal best seller since 1966, the compact model also easily exceeded at least one million sales targets in 2018. As even the world's computing debut number 2, the Ford USA F-150 can not continue and VW Golf does not. The European airplane is now in third place.

Auris had no way to earn a great competitor to Golf

Still, Toyota felt that he needed to shake this principle. As they feared in Tokyo that they would not be able to resemble a respectable (but always reliable) Corolla range for the compact segment in the future, the Japanese sold the newly developed Auris Corolla in the market in 2006. Applied to European standards at the Belgian design center and produced by the successor to Burnaston Corolla, the British Toyota plant, the idea was to reassure the customers of the Old Continent again. He did not do this. On the contrary: Directly compared to its main competitor, Golf Auris declined significantly.

Tempi passati When asked about the wrong decision of this time, the best of Yasushi Uede is a sibyllin's smile. Toyota's chief engineer today does not like to say more about it. Why With the current Corolla twelfth generation, co-author of Uedes, Toyota is proposing to introduce a new section in every aspect. And this also applies to Europe – not just because of the new (old) name.

"We have made the twelfth generation a completely new, global platform, in which future all Corolla variants will be available," explains Uede. He is a five door hatchback, hatchback and Touring Sports. At the same time, he also clearly states that Toyota will no longer allow experiments à la Auris.

However, there will be an exception, but Swiss customers seem to be completely positive. As the department store called Toyota Touring Sports is not designed in Tokyo, but at the Japanese design center in Zaventem, Belgium, "in close cooperation with us," as the chief engineer responsible for the department store Toshio Kanei emphasizes.

Combi looks dynamic and elegant

Indeed, the Asian and European design team has taken great advantage of the opportunities offered by the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform. Compared to a 4.37 meter short sedan, the department store stretched out 28 centimeters. Therefore, the car almost raises the middle class. The wagon also looks very sleek and therefore vibrant, but also elegant. And in any case, this is more than just a hatchback variant. Not just out of place.

Before the Touring Sports hits the road, it will take some time. The corollary of the Corolla vengeance will be in Switzerland next spring. Firstly, early test runs were carried out in early November with pre-processing models, but the cars were still slightly disguised – it's an optically good impression, especially in Touring Sports, it does not resist.

Two full hybrid versions

For the first time in the long history of Corolla, the hybrid pioneer Toyota's largest vendor will have two economical, environmentally-friendly drive variants. The full hybrid system with a 1.8-liter petrol engine provides 122 horsepower, with a 2.0-liter engine 180 zs. Consumption is Toyota with 3.4 – 3.8 liters, realistic is probably 5.0 to 5.5 liters, as shown by the first test drive. Alternatively, the Japanese offer Corolla with a 1.8-liter turbocharger with 120 bhp. Prices are not yet known.

Peter Hegetschweiler drove the new Corolla after Toyota Switzerland's invitation on November 1 in Spain. (Ededia Tamedia)

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