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Coop separates from the eco-label Melanie Winiger

Melanie Winiger smiled at Coop. Ten years later, the retailer has finished working with former Miss Miss. In the future, they want to focus again on fashion, says Coop.

She introduced Coop's fashion brand Naturaline. Thanks to her, in many Swiss wardrobes, you can wear distributor organic cotton clothes. In recent years, Basler sold the collection that had been developed by the former Mission and had her name.

For ten years, Melanie Winiger (40) is Coop. This is over. "The retailer and Ticino have broken down," confirms the representative of the regional newspaper "Der Rheintaler". Partners did not want to reveal what the partnership was for Coop and Winiger.

Separation starts from Coop

But: The separation decision was from Coop, says Winiger's management. For Winiger, engagement was more than a classic advertising deal, considering Naturaline's social and environmental thinking.

Coop apparently decided to reorient his brand. The text focuses more on the basics, such as socks and shirts, and less on fashion. However, as The Rheintaler writes, not everything is environmentally friendly Coop.

The range includes the British retailer Tesco's F + F line. Among them, the retailer also sells pseudo-leather jackets from China's 50 francs, as well as cheap t-shirts 12 and jeans for 30 francs from Bangladesh. (Uro)

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