Sunday , March 7 2021

Cheap iPhone surpasses price

The iPhone XS costs at least 1200 francs, the XR is already available for 879 francs. But how's a cheap Apple TV big brother duel?

style: Of course, the edges around the XR display are slightly thicker and generally look a bit more powerful. For a smaller Cameraausbuchtung entry-level model, there is a lot of elegance. While the XS models only have pale gold color being included, the XR is additionally black and white in blue, yellow, orange and red. And the metal frame exactly matches the back. XR against XS 1: 0

Size: Although the XS models are somewhat compact and relatively lightweight. But the XR with its 6.1-inch screen is ideal for many users. This is in contrast to the 6.5-inch maximum single-directional operation and still offers more screen than the usual 5.8-inch XS. XR against XS 2: 0

Cheap XR there are only real screen flaws

screen: XS models shine with OLED screens and high resolution. With XR you have to make a compromise, even if you do not almost notice the difference in everyday life on the LCD screen. In direct comparison XS is brighter, more contrast, sharper and better viewing angle. XR against XS 2: 1

technology: The installed hardware is practically identical. For example, all iPhone models use the fast A12 bios processor, all of which can be charged wirelessly and provide gesture recognition with facial recognition. The only difference: the XR is also waterproof, but only up to one meter deep and not two meters away like the XS. However, clear is done. XR against XS 3: 2

Battery Pack XR maintains longer than more expensive models

Battery life: Amazing: Information on the website shows that the XR battery lasts longer than the battery of two more expensive models. This also applies to a routine test, even if the difference in XS Max is not high and both continue every night. But about an hour more puff is a cheap model. XR against XS 4: 2

cameras: Even though there is only one lens in the XR and the other two iPhones, there is also a drawing here. Because only if the zoom is XS, this is a real advantage. The remaining sensors are identical, especially the excellent home modules with excellent HDR mode. Yes, the only lens in the XR, even with a clean software solution, is often a better portrait photo, especially in low light. XR vs. XS 5: 3

The price: Here is a clear winner. 64 GB XR costs 879 francs. Even a 256-GB version is still cheaper than 30 francs than the XS entry-level version with 64 GB of 1199 francs. XS Max is at least 1299 francs. XR vs. XS 6: 3

LOOK test conclusion: Our test has a clear winner. Who now buys a new iPhone can access the cheap XR with clear conscience. He saves more than 300 francs without any major drawbacks.

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