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Champion Hockey League: First Abrasive in the first leg


The first demolition round of the Champions Hockey League first round should be clearly defeated. Image: KEYSTONE

ZSC with compensation in the last second – SCB acknowledged Malmö-Zug's victory in Munich

Although ZSC Lions, Zug and Lugano have good chances to reach the quarterfinals after the championship hockey league stage, SC Bern breaks after a 1: 4 kick Malmö with his back on the wall.

Because in contrast to the European Cup in football, the goals of the Champions Hockey League mismatch are not applied, SCB needs two weeks of home-playing against Malmö Blackhawks to win four goal defenses.

Berne took a significant mortgage against the current fourth Swedish champion with two goals that were recognized in the last five minutes. Previously Kari Jalonen's team was forced to make 2-2 equivalent, but again and again Malmö (temporary) goalkeeper Lars Voldens. The best odds 2: 2 missed Mathias Bieber eight minutes before the end when he appeared alone in front of the guest's gate. The striker met shortly after half the play Berne, who did not put anything in the six overload situations as a temporary 1-1 equalizer.

Bieber's temporary compensation of 1: 1.

ZSC lost a good starting position

ZSC Lions lost a secure victory against Kärpät Oulu. Fredrik Pettersson goal 4: 4 one second before the end was the minimum wage for a long dominant Zurich appearance. The Finnish champion turned into the last game in the third game, thanks to two goals in the game play. Although the penalty against Drew Shore was quite controversial under pressure, Pius Suter delivered a fatal half minute before the end, as the game delayed a significant shutdown.

Finally, Pettersson, who had already attacked ZSSC 3: 2 for 34 minutes, at least at least saves the Swiss champions. The Swedish goalkeeper, who was still suspended at the beginning of the season, then falls ill, and at the end of the game, the only remaining player in the twelfth race was often season 3 and 4.

Late compensation for ZSC.

Lugano draws

Also, the Success Message is considered to be a Lugano 1-1 draw in a home game against Frölund Indians. The winner of the 2016 and 2017 Champions League in Resega was surprisingly surprising, as shown by the 42:19 shot ratio for the Swedes. But the poorly killed Ticino, who had to work without the other Maxim Lapierre and Jani Lajunen, again fought in the game and went to 1-1 equivalent Henrik Haapala (39). However, at the final stage, Lugano showed some success when Patrick Carlsson got this spot.

HC Lugano Compensation.

Zugs are celebrating the last minute victory

The best starting point for four Swiss clubs was played by EV Zug. Central Switzerland won Munich 3: 2 away after giving away two lead lead. Dominik Schlumpf and Lino Martschini put ECC 2: 0 in the lead until 29 minutes. During the last three seasons, the German champions reacted very well and struck a double strike for three minutes to a 33-minute equalizer. Marcini was again responsible for the winner only two minutes from the time. He allows Zug to continue dreaming of the first quarter finals.


Munich – Zug 2: 3 (0: 1, 2: 1, 0: 1)
2290 spectators. – SR Nikolic / Stolc (AUT), Hinterdobler / Hofer (GER).
goals: 10. Smurf (Simion) 0: 1. 29. Martschini (Suri) 0: 2. 30. Shugg (Aulie) 1: 2. 33. Michhet 2: 2. 58. Martschini (Suri, Albrechts) 2: 3.
penalties: 8 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Aulie) against Munich, 2 times 2 minutes against Cugu.
Munich: From birch trees; Aulie, Boyle; Joslin, Seidenberg; Abeltshausers, Bodnarck; button; Siena, Voakes, Kastner; Mitchell, Stajan, Mayenschein; Andreas Eder, Daubner, Shugg; Lobach, Tobias Eder, Quas.
train: Stephan; Thiry, Alatalo; Smurf, ziggenic, dias, stadler; Martschini, Zehnder, Suri; Lammer, Albrecht, Widerström; Klingberg, Senteler, Simion; Haberstich, Leuenberger, Schnyder. Notes: Munich without Hager, train without McIntyre, Roe, Zryd and Morant (all injured).

ZSC Lions – Kärpät Oulu 4: 4 (2: 2, 1: 0, 1: 2)
3510 viewers. – SR Linde / Nord (SWE), Castelli, Altmann.
goals: 1. (0:44) Heponiemi 0: 1. 9. Small 1: 1. 16. Prassl (Bachofner, Noreau) 2: 1. 19. Read (Lindsten, Country / Exclusion Humble!) 2: 2. 34. Pettersson (Suter) 3: 2. 52. Reading (shutdown port) 3: 3. 59. (58:53) Heshka (Kivihalme, Slippery / Shutdown Suter) 3: 4. 60. (59:59) Pettersson (Suter, Noreau ) 4.4.
penalties: 6 times 2 minutes against ZSC Lions, 3 times 2 minutes against Kärpät Oulu.
ZSC Lions: Schlegel; Klein, Phil Baltisberger; Noreau, Marti; Blindenbacher, Karrer; Sutter; Hollenstein, Shore, Bodenmann; Petersson, Suter, Cervenka; Bachofner, Prassl, Chris Baltisberger; Hercog, shin, backman; Behind KIRCHER.
Kärpät Oulu: Vehviläinen; Heshka, Ohtamaa; Hakanpää, Kivihalme; Niemelä, Kukkonen; Mäkelä; Koblizek, Lasu, Leskinen; Heponiemi, Kupari, Anttila; Christoph, Wildfire, icons; Karvinen, Humaloo, Sail; Lindsten
Notes: ZSC Lions without Geering, Nilsson, Wick (all injured). – Lattenschüsse Heshka (39th), Leskinen (39th). Weather from Kärpät Oulu (58:30).

Lugano – Frölund Indian 1: 1 (0: 0, 1: 1, 0-0)
3846 spectators. – SR Fonselius / Heikkinen (FIN), Gnemmi / Fox.
goals: 26. Patrick Vesterholms (Ponthus Westerholm / elimination Hofmann and Ekbom) 0: 1. 39. Haapala (Sannits, Hofmann) 1: 1.
penalties: 4 times every 2 minutes
Lugano: Merzlikins; Ulmer, Wellinger; Riva, Wrappers; Chiesa, Chorney; Jecker, Ronchetti; Walker, Vedova, Joerg; Haapala, Sannitz, Hofmans; Bürglers, Morini, Class; Fazzini, Romanenghi, Bertaggia.
Frolund Indians: Mattsson; Genoway, Lindstrom; Westerlund, Sigalet; Moverrare, Ekbom; Gunnarsson; Rakhshani, Lundquist, Lasch; Hjalmrsson, Carlsson, Stalberg; Soderlund, Friberg, Rosseli-Olsen; Fagemo, Pathrik Westerholm, Ponthus Westerholm; Fjallström
Notes: Lugano without Cunti, Loeffel, Lapierre, Sartori (all injured), and Lajunen (slim), Frölund Indians without Mostonen and Norstebo (both injured). – Post Shots Sannitz (34th place); Carlsson (49th).

Malmö Redhawks – Bern 4: 1 (0: 0, 2: 1, 4: 1)
2543 spectators. – SR Hurtik / Schukies (GER), Lundgren / Nyqvist (SWE).
goals: 24. Hetta (Molins, Trops) 1: 0. 32. Bieber (Arcobello, Moser) 1: 1. 36. Setkov (Wemmenborn) 2: 1. 55. Emil Sylvegard (Bryggman, Lerby) 3: 1. 59. Myllari 4: 1.
penalties: 6 times 2 minutes against Malmö, 5 times 2 minutes against the child.
Malmo: Volden; Lerby, Olsson; Torp, Myllari; Settkov, Bryggman, Ericsson; Marcus Sylvegard, Janolhs, Hetta; Emil Sylvegard, Wemmenborn, Molin; Olofsson, Forsberg, Görtz; Storm, Komarek, Hardt.
Bern: Genos; Burren, Almquist; Krueger, Blum; Andersson, Beat Gerber; Kamerzin; Bieber, Arcobello, Simon Moser; Rüfenacht, Ebbett, Scherwey; Mursak, Haas, in battle; Berger, Heim, Grassi; Sciaroni.
Notes: Berns without Marta and Untersander (both injured). (Abu / SDA)

All winners of the championship hockey league

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