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Better than Britney or Shakira: Helen Fischer pulls stars of the world



Helene Fišere can easily compete with international stars when it comes to tourist accommodation.

Helene Fišere can easily compete with international stars when it comes to tourist accommodation.(Photo: photo alliance / dpa)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Who would have thought: when it comes to ticket sales, Helene Fischer can also compete with international music. In the long run, she will be in the tenth place with ticket prices. She leaves behind some great words.

In this country, the hit star Helene Fischer undoubtedly is one of the most successful singers. Her concerts are not sold shortly, and she easily fills the biggest grass and stadiums. But even in an international comparison, a 34-year-old does not have to be concealed, as is evident from the recent New York Times. It lists the world's most successful musicians, measured by their average earnings for the concert. The list is based on the analysis conducted by the polling industry magazine Pollstar.

Helene Fischer is seventh in the ranking. Therefore, the average return ticket is 81 dollars (approximately 71 euros) worth 3.6 million dollars (approximately 3.2 million euros) per one exhibition. Among them are Justin Timberlake (10th place), Iron Maiden (14th place), Britney Spears (16th), Shakira (17th) and Harry Styles (20th place), Ex-One-Direction.

1st place earns twice as much

What's in front of Helene Fischer? The sixth is Billy Joel, the fifth is Céline Dion and the fourth is U2. The medal is ranked by the herald of singing couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé. For an average ticket price of 117 dollars (about 103 euros), they must receive more than 6.6 million dollars (approximately 5.8 million euros). Ed Sheeran Tops: The "Perfect" singer has reached an average ticket price of 91 dollars (approximately 80 euros) in revenue exceeding eight million dollars (about 7 million euros).

The undisputed queen and Megastar Taylor Swift! It is anticipated that "Glory" singer's tickets will cost an average of 116 dollars (approximately 102 euros) on average, and therefore they should take over 9.7 million dollars (about 8.5 million euros) for one concert. That's more than twice as much as Helene Fischer.



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