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Bern is to become a Bern – a news region: the canton of Bern

It has recently turned out that Cantonese conflicts in Maudetra have changed: the Canton of Bern often seeks to find the right signal with its French-speaking minority. The Council considers that France's mastery and use varies considerably from one region of Berne to another. Therefore, in September 2017, he set up an expert panel to provide the canton with concrete advice on how best to use and promote his bilingualism.

This commission, chaired by the National Council, Hans Stöckli (SP), yesterday presented his good work. She made 46 recommendations in a 175-page review. In addition to a number of symbolic suggestions, such as differences for implementation as "Bilingual Bilingual Student" or a bilingual cantonal day, there were also a few drastic suggestions.

Pupils to the world

For example, cantonal staff fluent in both languages ​​must receive a kind of "bilingual bonus" in the future, even if their function is not needed. Say: Even a bilingual canton ranger from Haslital would be better compensated for his bilingualism. When placing new posts in the canton, more attention should be paid to acquiring the second official language. According to the Commission, today, French speakers often have to meet the highest standards than German speakers.

The Commission also proposes a mandatory language exchange at school hours, the adoption of the law on cantonal law and the introduction of a fund to provide financial support for projects promoting bilingualism. It is not clear whether the government board really follows all of these recommendations. He now wants to review the proposals and continue to communicate in the summer of 2019. (Berner newspaper)

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