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Ben Affleck: back to the quit?

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12.11.2012. – 15.46

Los Angeles – Ben Affleck exciting.

It is believed that the actor has returned to the withdrawal after his divorce was formally adopted by Jennifer Garner. However, it is less dramatic than it seems at first glance. Affleck simply did not want to take his treatment easily. An internal person told Mirror: "In fact, he went away, and now outpatient – but he has gone back, he will stay in the clinic for most of the night (…) It's not just a disease that you commit to one of Paul's healing, Ben is and will always work to he wants to work, see his children and focus on his recovery. "

However, the threat could endanger the work. At present 46 years old in front of and behind the glass of alcoholic beverages. (Fan's Lexicon reported)

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