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There were some civil militia "crime scenes", but probably not as good as "driving hunting." The federal police, Falke and Grosz (Wotan Wilke Möhring, Franziska Weisz), must defend Soko theft this time, because you should usually allow suspects to go again. Like Kolja, who, asking why he got into a screwdriver, expresses a fat response: "In Germany it is cold and always a bolt."

Both of them come to the next task: as a corpse. Gutbürger Dieter Kranzbühler caught him with a red-handed shot and shot him because he had a friendly weapon himself. But it was made of plastic, and Kranzbühler was part of a group that helped itself against the dwellings' slurs in their neighborhood. With the Internet forum, Dieter's brother Bernd also encourages researchers who question the self-defense version to distribute private addresses and family photos.

Everyday disaster – such theft can make your home unbearable and destroy the family and digital hate package that is good for disgusting the population, Florian Oeller and Benjamin Hessler have a knitting capture piece, directed by Samira Radsi ("Germany 83") quickly introduced. In the same title, there is the medal of May (Michelle Barthel), a girlfriend and invader injured in a wounded woods.

Quickly cutting, the camera follows her, Commissioners (it's always too late!) And shooting friends who want to testify disappear. The kinematic acceleration meets the moral escalation from all sides. It's a spooky look, and so you stay – despite the tiniest logical mistakes – tied to the end. (Tages-Anzeiger)

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