Tuesday , March 2 2021

Bayern: Bayern earthquake! Hoeness comes in and pushes Breitner out of the Tribune Allianz Arena

Uli Hoeneß (right with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge) takes over.

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Next Line on Säbener Straße: Now the legends of clubs are already taking place each other. Uli Hoeneß no longer wants to see the former Bayern star Allianz Arena.

Munich – the record champions are shocked and weird. Slowly the question arises when FC Bayern finally dies? Otherwise tough FCB bosses seem squeamish. Now, club management is too sensitive to criticism of their legends. In my opinion, Uli Henessis would have apparently sent his former friends Paul Breitner from the VIP box as image messages.

The report should not even be taught by Heeness himself, but instead he resigned from Chief Financial Officer Jan-Kristiana Drīzena for the unfortunate task: "From Mr. Dresen called me suggested by Uly Hoeness, looking at me in the near future rather than honoring, let him tell him: I was waiting for it And yet, I do not want to see one or the other at the moment, "says Breitner.

Breitner will return free tickets

The 67-year-old recently publicly expressed a lack of awareness of the nearly-legendary FCB boss's press conference five weeks ago. So now exclusion from the honorable guest. "After that, I decided to give away two cards of glory, which I, as the lifelong master of honor, gave to Dresden. I do not want to give the impression that I would like free tickets."

It goes to the record for champions.

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Obviously, Uli Hoeneß takes the sincere words of the club's legend "BR" in the evil: "It's always about the family, the FC Bayerns family. And then the children say today: we should now be shy about the papa."

It seems that Breitner himself does not want to immediately reach a quick settlement: "From now on, I will get my cards as usual if I want to go to the stadium."


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