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At the end of the President: Bär CEO Hodler before Ausa?


Romeo Lacher is an hourly man in the Swiss financial center. Former Romeo Who of Credit Suisse was the first to release the failed Six Exchange Company. Now he grabs the curse of Julius Baer.

Lacher becomes the new president of Zurich's leading private bank. He replaces former Glencore head Daniel Sauter, who in seven years, as chairman of Julius Baer, ​​noticed one thing: his passivity.

Laughing at Lacher: Sauter Takeover (JB)

Sauter never announced that the post office for former executive director Boris Koladi remained with bears. Russians, Venezuelans, Brazilians, FIFA exhibitors, Pierin Vincenz – you name it. Almost all customers were welcome, the main thing was that they promised a high new cash flow.

As President Sauter goes down every year, he almost always closed his eyes and prefers to take care of his private life and personal business interests

He has his own investment company, nota bene with guardians. And he gets to know a young woman who has a child. By the way, Sauter led Sika's leadership defense struggle; against Sika's family shareholders who have been serving customers for years.

Now laugh. And that should move forward. The bear share dropped almost vertically. The magic of the private bank of the Burnhofstrasse has long since disappeared. It needs a new beginning, the next chapter, a new hope for a wonderful future.

Construction sites: six presidents Lacher, new Bär zuoberst (Picture: Six)

Otherwise, the bear bank will disappear: you
competitor. The scenario works
has long been on the stock exchange. So far, it has been an opportunity. but
if the young man on the bridge is unable to find a way forward quickly
it can become a reality faster than many think.

Lacher has a job because he remembers six. He must restore Julius Baer. It is almost incredible, but after the recent events it is so. The bank is not a step.

What stocks would you like? Bär, Vontobel, SMI (Source: Swissquote)

It's also clear what's going on at the top. People at the operational end are now likely to be quickly replaced. First of all, Bernhard Hodler, CEO against his will. The successor to Boris Collard could never give the impression that he really wanted to take the shores seriously.

When Hodler was asked one year ago at the first media conference if he was more than a temporary manager, he gave a cumbersome answer. The result: The media asked if Hodler would actually run Julius Baer in the long run and put it on it.

More loads than joy: CEO Hodler, Bär colleagues (Picture: Bär-Twitter)

A new transfer scenario at Executive Director level is now being accelerated. The new president, Lacher, needs a strong team in his daily work. With Bernhard Hodler as executive director, he does not get one – he is too little embracing Hodler, whom he really wants to run.

Bernie Zauderer. Bernie doesn't want to.

So the impression. And it removes all operational management. There is no longer any impression of sworn troops that will bring together – and in the same direction.

Rather, everyone seems to be using the vacuum created by the inadequate leadership of the driver to quickly accomplish what he cares most about – or next to his safe.

To what extent Julius Baer is suffering at the top, it becomes clear if the question arises of who could take over the operative tax from Bernhard Hodler. The names of the chief risk officer who joined UBS and the young man who spent a lot of time with Boris Collard came.

Both of them have not taken much trouble: the risk manager may be a good specialist, but for the executive director he looks as colorless as the current man at the wheel. And the Collardi man is what he is: Collardi man.

There are also butchers, especially Riemey Berke. The leader of Monaco, Middle East and Russia is a controversial figure in a private bank. He himself has become very rich, always opening the door to "hot" customers.

In Switzerland, a Gian Rossi is swinging a whip. Where: What He Shouts, especially His Golf Club. Rossi is often on the green when others Friday serve customers; This is despite the fact that Bäram is the largest construction site in Switzerland. Surprisingly, the bank is not here.

Thus, the new bear's president, Lacher, faces the challenge of quickly changing the key management figures to inspire a new impetus in the bank. At the same time, Lacher has to deal with various scandals.

And all in addition to his six works. Lacher wants to stay there. The man seems a lot. And those who are responsible in Bär, ie the big shareholders, are obviously confident that Romao, which is unknown, can handle it all.

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