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Are gluten-free foods definitely healthier?

Gluten Free: Is Gluten Really Unhealthy?

Gluten-free foods are modern. It is used not only by people suffering from intolerance but also by many healthy people. But is gluten protein really unhealthy? The expert explains to whom these foods are important and which can be ignored without gluten.

Avoid foods containing gluten

According to health experts, about one percent of the German population suffers from gluten intolerance (celiac disease). Therapy is currently unavailable. Only a strict Glutenverzicht can help. Supermarkets now have a wide range of gluten-free products. Even healthy people often use it. But gluten-free foods are not healthy.

More and more people are eating gluten-free foods because they think they are healthier. But is this really true? (Image: photocrew /

More sugar and fat and less fiber

Criticizes gluten, gluten-bleaching protein found in grains of some cereals, such as wheat, rye, barley and spelled.

It is sometimes claimed that gluten is a fad and co-responsible for modern illnesses such as diabetes.

Many people refrain from foods containing gluten because they think it is healthy.

"But such findings are not correct," said Gastroenterologist Professor Stephan Vavricka in the presentation of the Knowledge Base of the Integrated Human Physiology Center at the University of Zurich (UZH).

Because of the risk of eating more sugar and fat and less fiber with a gluten-free diet, as explained in the UZH statement.

Gluten-free foods can harm your health

In addition, gluten-free foods cause faster glucose uptake, as they are usually less fibrous.

Some health professionals even warn that a diet with gluten does not contain health.

For example, US researchers found that such a diet significantly increases the risk of diabetes.

And other scientists have discovered that gluten-free foods can cause lasting heart damage.

People feed today very hygienically

Gluten-free products are not only healthier but often more expensive.

"It is very clear to us that a gluten-free wave is a huge industry that wants to sell our precious non-productive products," said Vavric, an in-house medicine and gastroenterology specialist and Zurich University Hospital consultant.

However, one should not forget that gluten actually causes more or less severe complaints to more and more people.

According to UZH, it has different explanations. Thus, over the past 50 years, cereal cultivation has changed with protein-containing varieties. But changing habits can play a role. For example, today we feed ourselves very hygienically.

"Before we eat, we wash our dishes and hands very carefully. As a result, soap is absorbed every day that dissolves the protective mucus layer on the intestinal walls," Vavricka explained.

The intestinal wall is the interface between the environment and the human body. It serves as a supplement to nutrient absorption and immune system.

However, when the protective layer is dissolved, bacteria can migrate to the intestinal walls and cause immune responses.

Dangerous celiac disease

The most serious form of gluten reaction is celiac disease, an autoimmune disease affecting about one percent of the population.

Gluten consumption leads to the production of antibodies that destroy the intestinal endogenous structures, the so-called wilds.

Wool is an increase in the level of intestinal wall cells responsible for food intake. Without these villas, nutrients can no longer be properly absorbed, causing digestive disorders and deficiency symptoms.

Affected people should pay special attention to diet. When you eat gluten-rich foods, you experience typical symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, and oily stools.

To diagnose celiac disease, a blood test is sufficient to detect antibodies that kill the wild. However, diagnosis is only possible as long as you are taking gluten.

Because as soon as you start eating without gluten, the number of antibodies decreases and after a few months they are no longer detectable.

"If you suspect that you have gluten, you should go to the doctor before starting your diet," says Vavricka.

The good news is that the intestinal cells recover with time. Affected can live without symptoms as long as they eat gluten-free diets.

To separate from celiac disease is wheat allergy. In this case, the immune system reacts directly to various wheat components and, in addition to indigestion, also causes allergic symptoms such as asthma or itching.

Is there a sensitivity to gluten?

Another type of reaction to gluten is the so-called gluten sensitivity. As explained in the statement, it is neither an autoimmune disease nor an allergy.

Intestinal flora and indefinite immune responses can play a role. However, experts wonder whether the disease really exists and how it develops.

According to Vavricka, the symptoms are real. Patients often report not only indigestion, but also a number of non-specific symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, or depressed mood.

It is estimated that it can affect up to six percent of the population.

If more serious illnesses such as celiac disease or even tumors have been ruled out, it may be helpful to try a gluten-free diet. However, it often does not help.

Because the supposed gluten sensitivity can sometimes be incompatible with some fermentable sugars, the so-called FODMAP. These include, for example, fructose or oligosaccharides found in certain gluten-containing foods.

They are not properly digested in individual individuals but are fermented in intestinal bacteria in the large intestine, causing gas formation and discomfort.

"We also believe that fermentation produces toxic toxins that can cause systemic symptoms such as headaches or difficulty concentrating," Vavricka explained.

FODMAP bad nutrition can often improve symptoms. But in such cases, dietary advice is extremely important, as many foods, especially fruits and vegetables, are found in FODMAP. It is therefore important to leave as much as possible.

Anyone who has not confirmed intolerance can safely forget, according to Vavricka's abandonment diets. Rather, they should be careful to eat as much as possible. (Ads)

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