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Android: Gmail gets new designs and new features

Google is currently distributing an update for its email client Gmail Android app. Updating the application generates Google's material design and is ideal for the rest of the Android system.

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Gmail also receives some feature enhancements. So users can call attachments, such as documents or pictures, directly from the report, without having to open their email. It's already in the standard Gmail desktop version.

If users open an email where Gmail is considered a phishing attack, they will also see a large red alert. The affected email can then be deleted or hidden directly. Also new is the ability to switch between different accounts faster – for example, private and professional.

Inbox is still a better email program

Gmail is also not included in the extensive sorting features offered by Google's second inbox email client. Inbox can classify emails in different categories and make it clear – Gmail does it with promotional emails and social network alerts. The messages in each category can be easily deleted in the inbox.

Google announced in September 2018 that the Inbox will be terminated by March 2019. Gmail is thought to have already taken over the inbox features – so far, it doesn't affect interesting features like an email summary with travel documents to get a complete overview.

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