Monday , October 18 2021

All About Samsung: Here are pictures and prices for Galaxy S10


The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is not cheap for many Android connoisseurs was clear. The prices and appearance of technology bloggers are now united.

Samsung wants to release its new Galaxy S10 on February 20th. But there is already the most accurate information on the upcoming Android flags known for the various leaks. All about Samsung has now apparently seized the prototype images. For example, the top series will be opened for the first time in three different variants and display sizes. The front is decorated with one or two cams, depending on the model. Ceramic backpack is also announced. Meanwhile, the battery capacity is relatively bright: between 3100 mAh, 3500 mAh and 4000 mAh, they need to move depending on the model. It seems that Samsung's 7th fiasco remains traumatized.

As Samsung wants to stagger new models, the new technology release Ishan Agarwal is now on Twitter. According to the leak, the Koreans are trying to achieve self-confidence, which strongly reminds of the current Apple devices. Correspondingly large Galaxy S10 + in Europe with € 1499 reservation. But customers also receive specifications that are otherwise only found in high-tech ultrabooks. Samsung provides the device in the highest equipment version with total memory of 12 GB and 1 TB of data storage.

However, the price in the S10 world starts with the new S10e at 749 euros. Here, users need only 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. The price scale for all S10 devices should look like this:

Samsung Galaxy S10e (6 GB RAM, 128 GB Memory): 749 Euro

Samsung Galaxy S10 (6 GB RAM, 128 GB Memory): 899 Euro

Samsung Galaxy S10 (8 GB, 512 GB memory): 1149 Euro

Samsung Galaxy S10 + (6 GB RAM, 128 GB Memory): 999 Euro

Samsung Galaxy S10 + (8 GB, 512 GB memory): 1249 Euro

Samsung Galaxy S10 + (12 GB, 1 TB memory): 1499 Euro

Prices are EIA. However, experience has shown that prices have already declined significantly in the first months after the launch of the market. However, the question of whether Samsung's pricing strategy will pay off is questionable. As a competitor, Apple is currently struggling to hand over to its dear iPhone, looking at the unsatisfactory Christmas business in 2018.

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