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All about landing blow Xamax – GC

From 19:00, football in Switzerland looks at Neuchatel. Will the GC take the last chance of a downgrade and Xamax will steal three very much needed points? Read all the news before the final Super League shocked!

Computer. "Of course, it's all or nothing," says Uli Forte in front of today's relegation box at Neuchatel. The last GC is 9 points behind Xamax. Defeated it would be 12. And then only 5 rounds. Forte: "Yes, it would be almost finished." "Then it will be difficult."

X-Curse. 5x X in a row – and now against Xamax. After five consecutive rounds, the GC fights with the destroyed X-Curse. And the opponent in the title adds two more "x".

Equine placenta. GC team leader Marko Basic has returned to training only three and a half weeks after the injury. Forte: "I'm surprised. A miracle healer has done a lot in Belgrade." Is it sufficient for partial use?

24.7. GC coach Uli Forte works almost 24 hours a day. In addition to his daily work, he also has to prepare a team for the next season if there is no sports director. "Planning is double." One team for each Super or Challenge League. "But attention is paid to our salvation." What does Uli's wife say she's almost never home now? Forte: "She is in Mallorca with children. I was also booked but in the short moment I had to cancel."

Gentleman. Xamax midfielder Charles Pickel is a loan from GC. Are there two gentlemen's agreements between the two clubs that pimples won't work today? No, says GC. Does Pimple ruin the grave?

Laugh 1. Picture and hit in social media. On the knees stands a man with his blue PW. On the back door you can see the GC logo with two golden stars. A horizontal industry representative supports its open passenger window. The red mini skirt and high-heeled lady asks: "Does the son play Sunntig?" With the GC car, the defendant replies: "Yes, he is a master". Explanation of BLICK discoveries that allowed GC juniors to rescue parental bribes. The youngest GC player's mother went so far as to claim that other younger mothers "spread their legs so their sons could get a regular seat."

Laugh 2. Invitations to the party are circulating on the internet on May 25 at 10am. 23.00 in Zurich. Two hours before the final GC Championship game ends in Lugano – unless the recording champions miraculously get into the Barrage games. Party Event: The Party of Humiliation!

Laugh 3. No joke: Swiss Startup Factory invites you to May 23 in Zurich. The speaker is Timo Jankowski, junior trainer for GC. He talks about "Building a high-performance culture". German Jankowski played a key role this year to make Tomislav Stipic, junior coach Eintracht Frankfurt, a success for Thorsten Fink. After only 3 points on the 9th of April, Stipic had to go to Uli Forte.

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