Saturday , July 24 2021

20 minutes – Is Hunziker the best influencer in the country?

The big premiere will take place in June, when the Swiss People's House will be the first to receive the Swiss Influencer Awards. The award recognizes the most successful Swiss social media stars – and those who can do it.

How does it work: Install the latest 20-minute application version. From the Home screen, tap the three main tabs and then the gear. At the bottom of the "Theme" you press the screw right at "People" – it is already running.

By the way, the team of 20 minutes is also on the road Instagram.

A nominal Insta size list was announced on Monday. Five social media stars will appear in eight categories (lifestyle, music, beauty, fashion, entertainment, sports, family and travel).

There is no difference between online and offline

"It was certainly not an easy task, the jury of experts looked carefully at the five best feeds, and carefully discussed," says Fabian Plush, a member of the jury and Kingfluencers co-founder, in 20 minutes.

However, the definition of the "Lifestyle", "Beauty" and "Fashion" categories was particularly difficult. Many streams overlap thematically, explains Plush.

There was no difference in the selection between "pure online influencers" and "influencers from the offline world, such as musicians and athletes". "The community respected and honored everyone, no matter what stage they were," said Plush.

«My fans are part of my family»

Social media stars include selected influencing factors that make career outside of Instagram and Facebook, such as Michelle Hunziker, Nati footballer Xherdan Shaqiri and musician Loco Escrito.

The latter already has more than 31,500 followers on Instagram – and Zurich people take their time every day. "My fans are part of my family, so I want to contact them and ask how they do it," Loco quotes in the official Swiss Influencer prize. "Only to maintain this relationship will I take about 45 minutes each day."

Re-selection procedure

But before the big prize in June, eight categories of candidates will have to register again: From April 24, Teleclub Zoom will broadcast weekly premiere, where two candidates will be awarded for each category. Competitors for categories will compete for prizes.

The winners of the categories are, by the way, the winner. "It should reward efforts and be rewarded for the efforts that the influencers do on a daily basis and often for several years."

All candidates in the eight categories you see in the gallery gallery above.


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