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20 minutes – Do you know how much the farmer earns for an egg?


How much does a farmer make one egg? Not enough, finds Zurich Farmers Association (ZBV) and open stocks (see also Video upstairs):


What do you think – farmers earn with their products …

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According to the association's statement, the profit associated with farmers' costs is particularly low: with 2 cents per egg margin of 9 per cent. However, the major distributors selling eggs for 62 cents are 38 percent. A similar imbalance under ZBV also implies that meat:

Although the whole pork profit to farmers is not as small as eggs, here too the wholesaler has much higher profits, both in full and in relative terms. After all, however, the cost of the main distributor is much higher: he takes into account the processing of FBI and meat.

The association claims that the owner of the pet is at the highest risk. However, most of the absolute profits came to major distributors. In addition, since 1990, producer prices have dropped significantly, while the consumer price index is upward:

Consumers pay more, manufacturers get less. (Image: ZBV)

Migros' representative claims that up to 20 minutes the net profit margin for all Migros activities is 1.8%. "Migros wants to offer the best value for money to their customers. It is also in competition – not only domestically, but also shopping tourism, as well as with foreign service providers," said a representative.

In addition, the retailer emphasizes that Migros purchases agricultural products, processes them at home in their factories and finally sells them. Eligible higher reserves. New costs are also constantly added because consumers want products that should be recycled larger, such as vegetables from the previous cutting.

Coop claims that the company is committed to providing fair and market-oriented prices to manufacturers and customers. The retailer paid higher prices to Swiss producers than the average, after a 20-minute request from Coop on behalf of the request.

Producers receive 30 cents per consumer franc

According to Agristat, the Swiss Farmers Association's statistical office, today farmers receive about 30 cents of Swiss Swiss franc spent on agricultural products. In 1990, the value was 45 cents. Most of the rest concerns dealers and retailers.

Res Buri, vice president of ZBV, believes that retailers have their own market power. Swiss buyers from Coop, Migros and Denner have purchased more than 80% of the basic substance. Such dominant player players have little chance of realizing their interests.

Direct marketing as a hope

One approach is direct marketing, so for sale from the farm. This would eliminate the profit of 40 percent of retailers, and farmers would be able to earn more, even though the product could be offered cheaper.

With direct sales, Swiss farmers currently produce about half a billion sales in french a year, valued by SBV. This is extremely small, given that the total sales of Swiss food are around 16 billion francs.

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