Saturday , April 1 2023

20 minutes – 6469 households were 89 minutes without power


In the Basel suburb of Binningen on Monday evening it was suddenly dark. As the reader reports, electricity for the first time is about 19 min. Second, it was about 19.47 clock dark. The community was a little over an hour without electricity. "We're in the dark," said the reader. The police also confirmed a partial power failure.

The other reader reported, "The streets of Binningen are dark. There is no lantern, no traffic lights and no tram barrier."

The reason for the power outage on Monday evening was still unclear. One reader disrupts: "We didn't get any information from the electricity company. One didn't know what was happening."

Short circuit caused a stop

Electricity supplier EBM approved a statement on the power cut that affected a total of 6496 customers. "The reason for the power failure was a short-circuit on the medium voltage cable. Switching the network allowed all customers to deliver energy after 89 minutes."

Readers' reporters were in mysterious Binningen at the time of exclusion. (Video: Reader Reporter)

(20 minutes)

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