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Ulf Kristerson's arrogance destroys the entire bourgeoisie


The calm ruler's arrogance ruins the bourgeoisie

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Ulf Christerson says that the vote on his prime minister's candidacy is a 40-year work test to bring bourgeois parties closer. Not really Mattias Carlson "Wins or Loses," but almost.

In fact, it is enough that the vote, despite what is happening, symbolizes the end of the 21st century's credible bourgeois cooperation. And most of all, Kristreson's own fault.

The basis of all human intercourse is that we respect the borders of each other. It already teaches preschool children. "Stop my body" and the following little things.

Difficult to follow the opinions

Christerson's problem, of course, is not that he has problems with the physical integrity of Jan Björklund or Annie Lööf. However, when it comes to opinions and political values, it is difficult.

Nearly two years ago, Anna Kinberg Batra announced that the Moderates no longer believed that the door to the Swedish Democrats was closed, and Lööf and Björklund were completely clear. On the bourgeois basis, the liberal government can never relax against right-wing extremism.

This letter was repeated during the political turmoil last summer and during each election this year. Lööf and Björklund have said no, no and no.

Kristersson hears without listening

Kristerson had heard, but apparently he did not think he needed to listen. In some respects, he and Ebba Busch Thors apparently thought that with the help of pure power and the persevering fire support from the restless mindset, the leaders of the liberal middle-ranking parties could overcome the boundaries of themselves and their constituents.

Then there is a buffalo and hooligan, but not one who wants to be seen as a leader. In terms of criticism, Swedish law is only the expectation of liberal middle parties. That they are asking

This is largely so far from the Alliance's measure that everyone needs to help and everyone will earn you.

Moderate leader's most important task

The middle leaders have a task that is more important than everyone else to save the bourgeoisie together. This is the only way the party has political influence.

The Social Democrats' leaders have, for the same reason, been the main task of ending the bourgeois unit.

Now Ulf Kristersson has done the job with Stefan Löfven. After a disturbing leader has shown the center and liberal leaders, it is not possible to establish a reliable type of cooperation for a very long time. And no matter how the vote actually ends on Wednesday.

Moderators simply do not have such an arrogant leader as Ulf Christopher.

To write it on a side led by Carl Bild for over a decade, it's actually weird.

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