Thursday , February 25 2021

The victim's book proves the innocence of the cultural profile

In November 2017, 18 women, Dagens Nyheter, show how they were subjected to sexual abuse and the abuse of the so-called cultural profile, a man closely associated with the Swedish Academy. He denies the crimes and pre-trial parts will be downloaded later. However, in June, he was accused of two rape cases.

A deep gap occurs when a lawyer's inquiry reveals a cultural profile with members. Peter Englund, Kjell Espmark and Klas Östergren leave their chairs.

Horace Engdahl Expressen writes that "Sara Danius has been secretary of all the secretaries since 1786". After two days, she leaves both the permanent secretary and her chair. Katarina Frostenson also leaves.

The king declares that he changes the statutes of the Academy to leave his seat at his request.

The academy handed in investigations to law enforcement agencies, and the ECO initiates a preliminary investigation.

April 28, Sara Stridsberg also announces she leaves the Academy.

In May, the Academy announces the 2018 Nobel Prize winner in literature. Instead, the prize winner will be selected and announced in parallel with the 2019 prize winners.

Members Lotta Lotass, Klas Östergren, Sara Stridsberg and Kerstin Ekman are granted leave.

Sara Danius, Kjell Espmark and Peter Englund request that Horace Engdahl leave the Academy. In exchange, they are ready to "help in reconstruction."

Hovet announces that twelve members are needed for the new elections.

On 12 June, the so-called cultural profile is prosecuted for two rapes. The prosecutor's office refers to two cases of a woman in Stockholm in 2011.

In August, Sara Danius, Kjell Espmark and Peter Englund announce that they are thinking of "possible" involvement in the new members' invasion.

In September, the Academy holds its first regular meeting for the autumn season. One accepts a new city comment published on September 14th.

On November 7, Jayne Svenungsson, a member of the board, said he wanted to leave the academy.

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