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The region of Gävleborg chooses plates – Voister

– In the Gävleborg area, we are working on a test to get out of the berths on the trolley. That way, we jump in three steps, as we are doing today. This means that the steering mission will be faster for the department, "says Cathrin Dahlström, Head of Unit in the Gävleborg region.

Today we have hours of setup time, and we appreciate it for 30-45 minutes.

Cathrin Dahlström
Head of Division at Gavlebourg

– At the moment, call Customer Support, FM Support, who sends a job order to our real estate owners system. The order takes place at the cleaning company's customer service department, which in turn sends the order to the wiper. By sending the stubs directly onto the plate, we can transfer these members. Today we have hours of setup time, and we appreciate it with 30-45 minutes with the new solution.

Tell us about your project with patient transport.

– Today we are in service unit, spider net price. We have a phone that receives all offers and notes on hand, the patient will be retrieved. This will happen automatically through a patient routing program where carriers receive their tasks on PDAs. It would also save a lot of time.

Is it difficult to prioritize?

– No, it is good to work in parallel with several projects. These are the options that we have reviewed last year on the basis of discussions about what is best for the staff and our department. In this way, we have found the areas we are currently working on.

What problems remain?

"With a patient routing program, this is a method. We do not want to buy something today that needs to be changed tomorrow. If we receive a patient route, we can move to another, for example, bedding marking. This solution gives us information about where they were from, since they were served, and simple infections tracking for infections or the like.We act like our wheelchairs and we are very pleased.

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