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The problems with the intestines remain long after the pancreatic lesions

Many people who suffer from pancreatic injury, called ulcer, have not only pain in the neck, but also face and jaw pain, which often last for two years after their own trauma. In addition, the chewing function may be disturbed.

– In view of the continuing risk of pain and discomfort in the face and jaw, it would be advantageous for patients with neck injuries to receive an early assessment of the jaw system early in the accident. Those who have jaw problems should be investigated by dentists specializing in bone physiology, "said Ewa Lampa, a doctoral student at Umeå University's Dentistry Department.

There was pain in the jaw and neck
In his dissertation Ewa Lampa followed 176 disaster victims and a control group of 116 people. One month from the accident, all were tested with questionnaires for pain and disturbances in the jaw and neck area, other physical and mental symptoms and a hard test.

About one third of the ulcers had pain in the jaw and neck area. This was significantly more than the control group. There was also a relationship between pain in the jaw / neck and other symptoms of the body as well as signs of depression. Compared to the control group, those who had ulcers also had poorer chewing power, which was related to the severity of the neck problems.

Difficulty stays in two years
After two years of the same test and follow-up questionnaire, persistent pain in the body remained in the majority of patients with ulcer, who had inconvenience during the first test.

– The inconvenience and the fact that they lasted so long was amazing. This shows the importance of early detection of the investigators and treatment victims before the chronic pain becomes painful. Eva Lampa says that a simple quiz and some questions may be sufficient first survey.

Neck pain or painful trauma is a neck injury that affects tens of thousands of people each year, often in the event of a car accident. Many develop long-term symptoms such as neck pain, neck stiffness and headache. Some of them also cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw system, which may adversely affect the quality of life.

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Pain and disability in the jaw and neck regions following injury injuries: short-term and long-term outlook

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